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How to Meditate Daily

How to Meditate Daily?

With all the benefits of Meditation in mind, you also have heard meditating regularly also is a MUST and you can gain benefits only if you do it regularly. But I have heard lot of people complaining to me that they are not able to make meditation a regular daily practice. You so much want to meditate, but God only knows what's stopping you from doing it regularly!

So let's get into it, we need to decipher this entire topic to help you to meditate regularly.
First of all, why you are not able to meditate daily?

When you get some results for what you are doing, you always feel like doing it more and always improve yourself about doing it better. So if you are not able to do meditation regularly, it concludes that you are not getting any results. Which is making you just put-up the practice or procrastinate endlessly. So these three things must be happening to you...

No Great Experiences - You are not getting any great experiences during meditation as you might have heard people sharing their amazing spiritual experiences. So you don't feel like doing it, because if you get benefits out of doing something, you are surely going to do it.

You don't feel like meditating - You love to meditate, and you also might be wanting to sit for meditation daily. But whenever you sit for meditation, you just don't feel right. Or you dont feel like doing meditation though you have decided. Again because you have not gained any great experience, so you doubt whether sitting regularly would ever bring someting of worth for you. You also feel that you might just not be made for meditating!

You're not getting any benefits of Meditation - You are not getting any benefits from meditation. Though you are meditating, maybe not regularly. Or maybe you started off meditating regularly but you stopped doing it, as you didn't see any results coming. Either way, you dont see any benefits coming your way. And experts say you gain benefits once you make it your habit and do it regularly!

How to get results, for your Meditation practice?

Here's the Cheat sheet about how you can get results for your meditation practice. Its pretty simple, and astonoshing how you can follow just a few steps to make meditation a habit. You'll just get addicted to Meditation.

Great Experience - When you experience things like. Wind blowing in a dramatic way during your meditation, a small whiff of air, something on you(your clothes, hair etc) moves though you are super steady, you hear outer sounds synced with some internal meditation experience, it can be thoughts/feelings/image flashes/ hunches etc even for a fraction of a second. Though these experiences don't show anything "highly divine", still something is happening. You are sitting still and things keep happening in a magical way! Isn't that something GREAT. Does that happen when you are in normal day-to-day awake state?

Good Feeling - When you feel good, during and after meditation practice. Though you don't have a mind blowing story to share. When you feel good with yourself, though situations around you may not be great, when you start feeling great and contented despite being a failure at many areas in your life. All these are considered as "Great achievements" according to Yogi's.

As when you start being happy with life the way it is, its from there that you start your journey for success.

Get benefits - When you start feeling relaxed with a little 10-min meditation practice, when you get less angry, when you don't give a negative reaction, you cry less, you laugh more, you talk sensible, you stay quiet to avoid conflicts, you stay healthier during epidemics, you have more stamina then people around you all these and many more are benefits of Meditation. That you might not consider huge, but they are GREAT. And show that you are successfully doing it!

Happy! Now let's dive into how to make meditation your daily practice. The above stuff already shifts a few major doubts inside your mind related to meditation. And I am sure you are not ready to get started for a regular practice. So here's a few points that you need to keep in mind, so that you get started for good!

Make up your mind that you are going to meditate.

Make up your mind now, don't sit and read this dreamily. Common lift your butt, go and get that pen and paper that's staring at you -waiting to be lifted. Lazily sitting and procrastinating doesn't suit Yogi's. And now jot down..

And once you have jotted down, you need to really put your foot down, and sit for meditation. No matter what. There will be times when you will totally feel like not doing meditation. That's the time when you need to meditate the most.

Regular practices always adds up in your account. So you are assured that your practice is not vague!

- Whether you get any great expreience, mediocre experience or no experience at all. All the practices still are counted in your spiritual account.

- Whether you get any great experience or not, the regular practice still adds a +1 to your spiritual account. You might have heard the fact that a bamboo tree doesnt grow until six months. Why? because its making its roots solid underneath. So whether anything is showing up on surface or not, something is surely happening beneath. And a steady meditation practice as a beginner, despite of not having any experiences will help you go a long way. And yes let me add. Every great Siddha Yogi started off like that!!   Why were they able to do it regularly? Coz they had a Guru to scold them/pull ears to make them do it.

Don't let your mood/ feelings/ mentality or fatigue decide whether you want to meditate or not -

Your monkey mind will bring a 1000 reasons why you shouldn't meditate, and why you can always let go 'only this time'. And then that becomes a regular practice! meditation is chucked off and the silly Lazy butt then jokes about it/ complains about it.

So in short meditation is needed to be done daily! If you are tired try to sit on recliner and meditate. You dont always need to sit erect to meditate.

Certain mis-belief's that may lead to an irregular Meditation practice

1. Meditation happens Magically

2. Meditation doesn't happen magically to everyone

3. Meditation should always brings great spiritual experiences.

4. If you think during meditation, its not meditation.

5. If you fall asleep, then its Sleep not Meditation.

6. If you didn't concentrate, then you are fooling yourself.

These are the most common, also there are a few more that will just pop out of no-where but pull you down and get demotivated about Meditation. Remember I told you its your monkey mind that keeps you from doing it. Why? Check here>>

So that's all from me, for now. I will get back next week again with another Interesting topic that you'd love to read. And yes if you have any doubts, questions, feedback about this topic do drop in your comments below. I get a lot of people like you mailing me or inboxing me their discussions about any topic I post on my site. But that will keep people away from a great discussion that might add to the value of this article.... So don't shy out, and drop in your thoughts below!

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Principles of meditation

So you're here searching about the basic principles of meditation, so that you know that you are doing it right. You must be a beginner or a meditation aspirant. If you are an advanced meditator I would like you to suggest additions to this post in comments below. Also if you are a newbie then you can post your questions about meditation in comments.

So let's begin, meditation is your thing by now and you want to know everything from A - Z about meditation, so that you are assured that you are doing it right.

Principles of meditation -

Sitting Steady -

Sitting steady is MOST crucial thing during meditation. Your mind is an energy element that's connected to your body. And to make your mind still, your body has to first become steady. So whether you are a beginner or advanced meditator you need to be steady for the entire session of meditation.

And by steady I mean total Steadiness. You dont have to move your hands or feet or head. You cannot scratch, open your eyes, adjust your body once you are into your meditation session.

Make sure you don't have any bugs or flies or mosquitoes. Sort that issue before getting into meditation. Then later on you cannot complain that "its because of them...." that you had to move or scratch. Also know this insects and people bugging you at the time of meditation, is also because of a block/belief inside you. Not everyone is disturbed by people or situations or insects during meditation though they might be open to such possibilities.

Still body helps in making the mind still. And thoughts will decrease when mind gets slow or still.

Relaxing -

Sitting for meditation is important, and also to sit in a relaxed way is important. Yes you have seen pics of sages sitting with erect back, but that doesn't mean that they are not-relaxed. Sitting in a relaxed manner is very important. Especially if you plan to go deeper and prolong your meditation time in future, you need to keep your body relaxed. You need to be relaxed with a straight back.

And adjust yourself before you begin, no shifting or moving during meditation. Make sure you are seated in a way where you will be fine for next 20-30mins without moving.

You need not sit on a recliner or lie down. Try to be seated in the most comfortable position, and just let go that control over your body. You are not living because you have control over your body. You are living because God is making you survive. (if you'd like to join my Prayer Power course, related to connection with God then go here)

To relax you just need to loosen up your joints and muscles. And your body will begin to relax automatically.
Focus on breath -

So now you are sitting steady and are also relaxed, what's the next thing you need to do? You need to keep a focus on your breath. Breath is the key, its going to take you to great spiritual depths and amazing experiences.

It sounds quite simple right?

But, here too you will need to master this. Breath focus is easy, but to constantly keep focusing on it without moving your attention here and there is important. And this is what you have to master. And how to master? Well simple by watching on your breath. When you keep on practicing this again and again, your focus will get stronger. You dont have to alter your breath. You just have to watch it. It may be slow, it maybe shallow whatever it is dont try to make it normal. You just need to watch it. When you observe it without judging it, it will automatically get into normal mode.

Hand Position -

Hand positions are equally important during meditation. You may start by simply placing your hands palms down on your knees or palms facing upwards towards the sky. Mudra's that you form by your hands play a huge role in your meditation practice. Mudra's help you to connect to the spiritual world, and different aspects of it.

Also you can form Gyan Mudra, or Aakash Mudra. Check here for details here. Also cosmic mudra is also good if you are comfortable with it.

Which mudra is best and which mudra gives lesser effect?  Well in spiritual world there is nothing more or less, everything has its own importance. And so every mudra is equally important. The one which you feel like doing, is the right one for you for that moment!

Sitting Position -

Meditation is mostly done in a sitting position, and so the way you sit is important. To sit in a place that's not going to be disturbed for next n number of minutes you are going to practice, is important. And so try to figure out where you gonna place your butt.

And how to sit? you might again ask this. As you see a number of different positions by people everywhere. There are different sitting positions like -

- Lotus position

- Squat flat on floor

- Sit on chair

- Sit with a pillow below your back.

- Sit with special meditation equipment

What type of seat you choose to sit, also decides how deep you'll be able to go. So try to find a lovely, not so cozy seat where no one will disturb you, which has less noise(I cant say 'no' noise, there's isn't any place in this world like that  ) and where you feel pleasant. A place you love in short.

Become an Observer -

So its a phenomenon that you need to experience. Meditation is not a compulsory strict practice where you try to catch hold of your mind and ask it to shuuushhh. Mind is of air element and it will need a little time to become quiet, after you begin your meditation. Sometimes the time to quieten your mind might take more time, sometimes it will happen in a snap.

When you close your eyes and focus on your breath, your mind will start popping thoughts one by one. And your job is not to run after or run away from those thoughts. Your job is to just focus on your breath. If thought pops up, then just watch it dont chase it. It will go away. What comes in has to go out. If one goes, another one might pop up soon after the first one left. So what to do now? nothing you were concentrating on your breath right? so keep doing it.

When you continue focusing on your breath despite of your mind making attempts of reminding you with different thoughts, slowly mind will get bored and will stop giving new thoughts.

Attention in between the Brows -

Keep your attention in between your brows. I mean see in between your brows with your minds eye. Is it too much or difficult? Well yes it will seem like that in the beginning darling. But when you keep trying, you will be able to master it.

Its important to do this, as this will help you in developing your intuition. You will be able to use your 3rd eye chakra for getting guidance and directions.
Tongue up -

Tongue needs to touch the top palette of your mouth. This will help you in focusing and remembering that you are meditating when you are deep into a session. Sometimes while in meditation you might get confused what's happening when you see your mind getting totally still. And so this position helps you to make you aware about what you are doing currently.

Also it helps to build awareness and expand it during meditation.

Discard all leather clothing or accessories -

This is very very important. You should NEVER meditate with leather on. This is to assure that you go deep into meditation and get cosmic energy shower while into depths of meditation.

Animal products and leather absorb cosmic energy. And act as energy leaks. You will not be able to enjoy the full abundant energy that's getting showered upon you. So keep away that belt, wallet, shoes, oh yes don't sit on leather sofa's, and anything that has leather in your clothing or accessories.

Sit on an Aasana, and not directly on bare ground -

(Aasana is a special mat that's meant for sitting)

Meditation needs to be done sitting on something. It can be a mattress, an aasana, or chair. If you sit on a chair make sure you don't lay your legs bare on floor. Ground or floor acts like grounding energy resource. And will absorb all energy that you are receiving during meditation.

You are meditating so that you receive the abundant energies to make you abundant. And expand your awareness, you are not doing it just to put it into the earth. Earth can absorb its own energy. So better sit upon something.

Its necessary that you follow all of these principles, if you want to gain mastery in meditation. As a beginner to do all of these might sound difficult. But remember your mind is super quick at thoughts, and to keep it occupied you will need to do all of this. You are new to meditation, but very well accustomed with thinking. You've been thinking all these years. And so you need to follow these steps to help tame your mind. Mind cannot be actually controlled, you can just direct its energy to right place.

To slow down your mind you need to tell your mind what it needs to do. Be steady, focus on 3rd eye etc. If you dont give instructions, then it will run in 1000 different directions during the sitting and you will have no meditative feeling.

These principles are not just meant to bring your mind under control, but to bring your mind and body under control is a huge step. When mind and body are under control and disciplined you are under control of your mind, body and soul. And with this self control you can go to great heights of spirituality.

Spiritual world is vast, mighty and infinite. So for you to be a healthy spiritual aspirant you need to discipline your your body. Coz its the finite body that's going to help you go explore the infinite spiritual world.

Structures that are random, irregular and shapeless can be disrupted or shaken easily. But systematic and disciplined blocks stay strong and are difficult to be moved.

Free Chakra Balancing Meditation

Chakra balancing is the very basic and necessary requirement for every spiritual enthusiast to perform daily. You need to keep your chakras balanced inorder to keep your life in balance. Chakra balancing meditation can be done by beginners as well as advanced spiritualists. You need not attain a certain mastery and then do them. This meditation will help you to attain Spiritual Mastery.

There is no point that you can reach, and then say "okay Im done" in meditation. You have to keep on doing. And the more you practice, the more mastery you achieve.
Advantages of Chakra Balancing meditation -

- This meditation will balance your chakras, and in return keep your mind, body and soul balanced. Which in turn will keep your life balanced. And keep you on positive thinking mindset.

- Chakra balancing meditation will keep you away from negative energies, and negative people. When you have all chakras balanced, your aura becomes strong and bright. And so it will attract people who have these kind of auras. And aura becomes strong only with positive thinking.

- A balanced chakra system gives you an expanded aura. Also it gives you a strong aura. A strong and thick aura cover protects you against all negativity from the outside world.

- Chakra balancing will also help you to awaken your kundalini energy and rise it. Kundalini energy is the inbuilt power reserve inside you. It gets tapped, when you start working upon your chakras and meditation.
Preparing for this meditation -

- To prepare for this meditation you dont need anything special, you just need a nice and comfortable place. Where you will not be disturbed for the next few minutes when you practice the meditation.

- You must be ready, with all your phone on silent. Ask someone to attend to doorbell or calls while you are in your session.

- Go to the loo, drink enough water. Be sure you are full, your stomach should not start churning during meditation.

- Inform your family not to disturb you for next n minutes.
Best practices with this meditation -

- This meditation is great all by itself. But if you want to add to enhance the meditation benefits, then you can do the following.

- 7 Chakra crystals, 7 chakra colored candles, or anything similar that matches the seven chakras can be worn to help you with this meditation. This should not be taken the other way, that having 7 chakra crystals and 7 chakra candles will only help you to do this meditation. As I said before this meditation is great all by itself. But you can ADD enhancements to better your experience.

- You can also add aroma oils to help you during chakra meditations.
Free Chakra Balancing Meditation -

Things to keep in mind: you might not be able to see clearly in the beginning, but still try to imagine or visualize it the way its being told here. Once you do this regularly, you will have experiences based on what's said here. Remember it might take you months to master to actually "see" how the actual chakras appear and work.

- Take deep breaths and slowly close your eyes. And keep your mind focused on your breath. Keep breathing normally. Once you are relaxed then slowly begin the technique. If you are not relaxed then slowly relax your body from your top of the head to the tip of your toes.

- Then first start focusing on your Muladhara Chakra(root chakra), this chakra is red colored and when balanced it will glow with bright red color. You may or may not see the petals. It usually is said to have four petals. You might not see the color as pure red before balancing as it needs to be balanced.

See that a bright white light from above enter's into your body through your crown, and goes into your Muladhara chakra. This light starts clearing the chakra, and you'll see any impurities lying in it coming out as black tar or smoke, muddy color, dirty liquid etc. Keep imagining that white light till the muladhara chakra starts getting clear and color red only remains.

In the beginning you might not be able to see the colors clearly or at all. Its doesnt mean you are not doing it right. You are doing it perfectly, but just that clear vision through mind's eye isn't developed. In that case try focugin the white light for about 7 minutes on each chakra. And then move on to next chakra.

At times you might notice that a certain chakra needs only a little energy, whereas other chakra might take a long time to balance. Its just because not every chakra is imbalanced, and not every chakra has equal amount of impurities. Also duration depends from person to person.

- Swadhisthan Chakra, has six petals. And as I said earlier you may or may not see petals. That doesn't mean that you are doing it wrong or inapropriate way. It just appears different to different people. For this chakra also see that a white light is entering into it and balancing it. Slowly it will start shining with bright orange color.

- Manipura Chakra has ten petals. And it has bright yellow color. If a chakra is over active then it will appear brighter then the other chakras. Whatever, the white light will balance excess too. So continue your procedure with all chakras Anhata, Vishuddhi, Agna, Sahastrar Chakras. The Anhata has twelve petals and is green colored, Vishuddhi Chakra has sixteen petals and is Pale Blue colored/ turquoise blue colored. Agna Chakra has two petals and its Indigo colored and Sahastrar has thousand petals which is sometimes said to have violet or white colors. Both describe something that makes sense in its own way. So let it be that way. You may consider whichever version you like.

Note - I have written several benefits of chakra balancing, they apply when all chakras are balanced. Chakras can go imbalanced with a negative thought and become balanced again when you think positive thoughts. So in short the balance and imbalance keep on happening continuously. But that should not make you not practice this meditation. This meditation itself will help you to keep your chakras balanced for longer time. The more you practice, the more your chakras will become powerful and stay balanced for longer time.

Did you like this post? Then you might surely like this post, that can help you to balance your finances with Chakras.

Do you balance your chakras regularly, or you are knowing this info for the first time? do let me know in comments if you have any questions. Also do share your experiences after practicing this meditation!

Love you, see you again next time with another mind-blowing informational post. Take care.

If you'd like to have this Chakra Balancing Meditation in MP3 for $4.99 then lemme know.

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Meditative State

Meditative State is the state your mind, body and soul are in, while doing meditation. Meditative states described here are just according to my view of them. I don't claim it to be the most perfect description nor the only definition for meditative states that exists on the internet. So please read this post with an open mind. Also at the same time I do believe that this post will help you to learn about meditative state and will help you in attaining each of these states with ease.

Meditation state cannot be judged from outer appearance by ordinary people who don't meditate. Many times people who don't meditate will judge you to be 'asleep' while meditating. When a person has attained mastery over meditation then only they can judge other's about how deep anyone is into meditation. And yes you cannot judge a 'meditative state' from images and movies that are shown on TV, remember they areacting and not Meditating.

Meditation done has several different states. And there are infinite number of states that you can be in while meditating. But I have separated a few states as it will give you an idea about meditative states, and how you can go into each state.
Certain facts about Meditative states -

Meditative states whether shallow or deep give you benefits. So you have to stay assured that you are surely gaining some benefits from whatever states of meditation you are reaching.

Meditation when done it surely gives you some benefits. And so dont stop meditating if you dont get my extra ordinary experiences.

Meditation brings subtle changes in mind, body and soul whether you get any remarkable states you achieve or not. You surely change and go a step above then what you were. Even if you dont see a remarkable change to your mind or body. And with meditation whatever changes come, are always permanent.

Advantages of a Meditative state -

Meditative states are highly advantageous. Meditative states whether shallow or deep give us several benefits. Here are a few of them, you gain all of these benefits in little or more amount based on the depth you have gone.

- Your breath turns normal, and you are aligned with the universal breathing rhythm. Universally aligning to breath, helps to keep the mind, body and soul healthy.

- Your mind is cleared and you get refreshed as if out from sleep.

- When mind is cleared, your body chakras too start running positively. Though chakra states keep changing with every breath. But meditation helps reset the chakras and turn them positive. If your mind-set has become very negative, your chakras might turn positive for a few moments till you are into meditation. Then onwards they might again become imbalanced. But when you repeatedly follow medtation, slowly the meditative state will bring out your chakras from that imbalancing pattern.

- Your mind is calm and you attract more amount of cosmic energy to enter into your body. Cosmic energy is the abundant flow of universal energy into our body. And based on our lifestyle now we need more of it everyday then what's replenished during sleep.

- Your inner systems get strengthened because of the cosmic energy you receive during meditation.

- These are the basic benefits that you receive. You may or may not get any remarkable experience during meditation. But it doesnt make any difference. Advantages are still there.

Types of Meditative states -

There are many types of meditative states, I have just listed a few of them. And the ultimate meditative state is though the last one that I have discussed here, yet its the only tip of the iceberg. And there are countless number of other states that you can reach after the ultimate meditative state.

1. Shallow Meditative State - This state is when you have just gone into meditation, you will be very much conscious of everything going on around you. This is like a super sensitive state, as whether you go deeper or not depends on this state. When you become more sensitive, you'll also feel more, be more and do more in this state. And so you start feeling crawling sensations on your skin, you be more aware of things you start recalling tasks that you had to do and you forgot. As you do more you become aware of your thoughts and position and you try to adjust yourself according to your understanding in that state.

Remember you were totally conscious but going into this state made you aware that you need to shift to a better position, you need to shake off that itching which was not there when you were awake. I realized that the itching part on skin usually came very often though there were no bugs or insects or mosquitoes. It was just your mind getting more sensitive, and preparing to go more deep.

Why I say that this state is important, and decides whether you'll go deeper or not. Its because you try to judge yourself based on this state. You feel guilty that you are thinking stuff which you should not be thinking of. Whereas this state is bringing to your awareness things that you forgot during your conscious state. Its a positive sign that you went into shallow state of awareness when you begin realizing things that you should've done. So the first thing is that you need to be happy when you get those thoughts, and at the same time you also need to hold-on yourself. You don't have to hop and finish those tasks. You have to complete those tasks after your meditation.

2. General Meditative state - This state is like when you feel you are falling asleep. This state is not constant, it comes in for some time and goes away bringing you again into shallow meditative state. This state is mostly mistaken to be as 'sleepy' state and most people give up their meditation because of this state.

As people feel that they are just sleeping or getting drowsy. Nothing is happening during meditation. But that's not the case. Your mind is actually preparing you to go more deeper from here.

When you stop hearing the surrounding sounds for a few seconds and then again normally hear sounds in your surroundings, its a perfect sign that you are getting into a general meditative state.

3. Deep Meditative State - This state comes in after general state, you go deep and become aware about things, thoughts, decisions, occurences about past or future that you did not plan to think about. These may be predictive about your future or it may signify some answers that you are searching for.

You might also start seeing different colors, some scenes or something that's totally irrelevant to your present surroundings and situations. This state lays a base for the ultimate meditative state. Certain people when start seeing prophetic visions, predictive messages might get scared here and cease their practice. As you may not be able to explain certain messages that might seem to be negative. Let me tell you, here whatever you'll see will be true 75% of times. And few things will be non-predictive. But you shouldn't stop your practices here.

You can reach this state with practice, and when you meditate for 10-15mins or more. This state will be difficult for you if you are a beginner, even if you meditate for 15mins. To help reach this state, you need to follow these rules too.

4. Very Deep Meditative State -

This state is where you may stop hearing the surrounding sounds for a prolonged period, for several minutes. And start getting intuitive messages, dreams, hunches or flashes of images or situations. Whether these mean anything or not, the state surely means that you have reached a very deep state.

Seeing or hearing different things in this state is not compulsory. Some people might not experience anything like that except the very deep state. And then too its fine and a very deep meditative state.

This state would be very relaxing, and you'll feel you've almost had a 1 or 2 hour nap after coming out of this meditation. This meditation maybe 20-30 min deep meditation. This state can be reached when you meditate for more then 20 mins. (according to me, not a universal statement)

5. Ultimate Meditative State -

This is the ultimate state that we can actually call Meditation. As Meditation is not doing, its being. Meditation is actually a state where your mind comes to a total stand still, when it focus on only one thought or not thought. Its where the zero state is achieved. Well but yes, inorder to achieve this state you surely need to DO the process of going deep. So that you go deep through the previous 4 stages and then through this stage.

This state can be reached with great mastery. You cannot expect any rules with this state. This state will require years to master. If you experience it in shorter time, its totally God's grace.

But if you've not experienced this state even after years, you should'nt get disheartened and stop your practices thinking that you're not going to attain this state ever. Universe totally knows when you need this state, and you'll reach it when you need it. Also its not necessary that everyone meditating should attain this state. For some people only the above states will suffice.

Importance of each state -

Shallow meditative state can be reached easily, and 99.99% of beginner meditators reach this state. And its important to experience this state for a couple of days. This state helps you for the next state, i.e General Meditative state.

General Meditative state is very important. And it helps in preparing you for the next deep state by beginning to relax your body and slowing down your mind. When you feel you're getting drowsy is where your mind is slowing down. And it is preparing your mind and body to tap into the spiritual world.

Deep meditative state is where your mind slowly relaxes totally, makes you aware for spiritual world and physical world as well. You will switch between these worlds easily in this state. You won't be able to judge easily when you switch between the two worlds. An advanced meditator will be able to compare.

Very deep meditative state is important. This state is where your chakras begin to get active and your energy body starts auto cleaning itself. Whether you do some specific meditation for that or not, but meditation is meant to clean your system. And so this state will do that. Whether you reach this state for a few minutes or a full hour, some or the other shift happens. When the energy body is cleaned some minute blocks will be cleared. This will happen every time you reach this state.

Advantages of each state -

Shallow Meditative state -

Shallow Meditative state will help you to remove any states of negative emotions that you might have experienced during the day. This will also help to regulate the pressure by 10-20% daily. Do it regularly to make these changes permanent. This state will also help to clear some part of your aura. If not making it supra clean, it can still brighten it up a bit. Helping you not to attract troublesome situations.

General Meditative State -

General Meditative state helps to regulate pressure by 30-40%. You will have a relaxed mind set for a couple of hours after you are out of this state. This state when attained atleast twice or thrice a day can help to cure depression and stay away from stress and anxiety symptoms. The benefits will be immediately visible, and can become solid after 4-6mths of meditation practice.

Deep Meditative state -

Deep Meditative state will help you to heal any acute illness that's inside your body. Yes two to three days will be needed for that acute illness to be completely out of your body.

For chronic illnesses, this meditation can lessen the symptoms by 40-60%. Also can help you to bring your pressure under control after 4-6 months of continuously attaining this state. It can heal pains completely within just one session, if some pain remains then follow-up session on the same day, or next day will heal it.

Very Deep Meditative State -

This state can bring magical and drastic results in anything you want to bring in your life. This state will help to strengthen your immunity. It will help you to balance your chakras, and keep your aura cover clean and healthy.

This state will also help you to remove or wear away any unwanted attachments to your aura. This state can help to heal your mind, body and soul. Ofcourse for serious illnesses don't just depend on meditation. Take 2-3 modes together to get quicker healing.

Ultimate Meditative State -

This is a master state, this state can clean mental and emotional blocks. It will help you to clear off pains and aches in your body with just one swish. It can help you to clear off heavy negative energy within just one experience, when you allow this state to 'be' for 10-15mins.

And the major benefits of this state is it is the initial state for Kundalini Awakening.

This state can help to heal fears, phobias, lack of confiedence and issues with self esteem. This state will help to clear off your negative karmic pattern/s one by one or a few in one sitting. Ofcourse to keep the results permanent you need to bring a shift in yourself too. Just meditation cannot do the trick. If you return back to your same old thought patterns & lifestyle that are not healthy, your results wont stay for long.

Disclaimer - Though I have mentioned several healing benefits of meditation, I cannot guarantee the exact results. As we all are different. And healing of any diseases depends on individual Karmas & Learning for life. Please consult your Certified Health Practitioner or Registered Medicinal Practitioner for health and disease related issues.

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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Tips to instantly balance Chakras

When you know that your Chakras are very important part of you, that they actually decide the course of your life. You would surely be concerned about keeping them balanced. And if you don’t know what chakras are, let me tell you in short.

They are vortices that rotate in circular motion, and are located near your spine. They are more of energetic level rather then considering them as physical part of body. Chakras are basically many, but there are seven main one’s. Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra, Swadhisthan or Sacral Chakra, Manipura or Solar plexus Chakra, Anahata or Heart Chakra, Vishuddhi or Throat Chakra, Ajna or Third eye Chakra and Sahastrar or Crown chakra. I usually love to use the sanskrit terms as they are more precise in their meaning. Saying Third eye for Ajna chakra doesn’t fit for me. And I guess for many out there, real spiritualists.

You must have noticed something here, they are seven chakras and these seven colors look familiar right? Yep you guessed it right. These seven colors are same as the colors of the spectrum. After all they together form the white light!  Struck something? Well no issues, you’ll get there quickly.

So the chakras are supra important, and so its even more of a concern that they should be kept balanced and rotating positively. As Chakras decide the course of your life. The more positive they rotate the more balanced and “on track” your life stays. So here are a few ways, to help you keep your chakras balanced. Well they can be 100% effective, but it also depends how much you allow them to take effect on your mind and body.
Tips to instantly balance Chakras –

Apart from Meditation, there are a lot of other ways that can help bring balance to your chakras. Meditation not only helps to bring an instant balance to chakras, but regular practice can help you keep your chakras balanced over a longer period of time and can help you to avoid disruption to their flow.

So here’s a few other things that can help you to keep your chakras balanced or bring them into balance..

1) Music

Music is the ultimate best solution for balancing your chakras and keeping them balanced. Sound is something that came into being earlier then light or anything else was created in this cosmos. God who first set out for manifesting existance appeared in the form of sound first. And that sound was ‘om’.

So music is obviously the best solution for banalcing your chakras. And not just any music. Music that’s soothing and positive. Instrumentals are best. But sometimes you might also want to listen to music with lyrics. And so try to listen to positive, uplifting music.

If the music with lyrics is negative and saddening, it will reverse its purpose. Making your chakras block or run negative. Which you really don’t want. And reading this if it strikes that you have been listening to negative, gloomy songs more then stop! you don’t really want to be there what the song is describing. Yes lovers of music industry always appreciate negative songs too for the beauty of feelings or instances expressed in words. But still thats music. Its better to appreciate, and move on. Move on to better and soothing music.

2) Yoga –

Though there are several praises of other forms of exercising, no other form of exercise can help with your chakras.

Yoga not only helps to clear blocks with chakras, but also helps to keep them in a healthy balance. Yoga is beneficial to your body and your life overall. So it can be called more of a holistic exercise and not something that works on just your physical body.

Yoga helps to regulate the flow of lymph to all parts of body, that extend to minutest of capillaries, and by doing so it will remove toxins that had long been accumulated in your body.

Yoga also helps in keeping the flow of yin and yang energies in your body. Which when stays balanced keeps you mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

Yoga helps you to stay positive and connect to the spiritual world, that helps you to awaken kundalini energy and thus keeping Chakras permanently balanced once you reach the yogi level.

3) Pranayam

Another marvel by Indian yogi’s. Pranayam comes from the word prana and this prana is the life energy that we breathe in. Its not oxygen but the life energy. The energy that we breathe in that helps us to stay alive.

While yoga helps to keep physical body healthy by keeping energy system healthy. Pranayam is the nectar that you can feed your body with, that will help you to strengthen your inner chakra system. It will not just strengthen the chakra system but also activate the kundalini energy that lies dormant inside every human body.

You might feel that pranayam is mere breathing exercises, why am I giving the word ‘nectar’ for it. Pranayam is actually feeding your body with pure prana energy when you practice your daily pranayama routine. And not just that pranayama helps you to regulate your breathing cycle, it helps in keeping breath in rhythm with universal rhythm. So you continuously get pure prana energy once you begin practicing this regularly.

4) Colors

Colors are directly associated to chakras. What colors you love, what colors you wear, what colors you don’t like. Are all a reflection of your chakras. As well as these choices further affect the balance or imbalance of your chakras.

If you are loving bright colors, means you have a balanced chakra system(its possibility, also choice of colors keep changing from time to time. So this assumption is not accurate). If you are sad and depressed you will be attracted towards dark and dull colors. Showing off your state of chakras at that time. Also I must say chakras keep rotating all the time, with every thought your chakras rotate and illuminate out a different or brighter/ dull tone of that shade.

Major Chakras are seven and have a color from spectrum already associated with each one of them. After all white light splits into seven colors, and seven colors combine to make white light. And almost every religion believes that eternal God is nothing but white light. So seven colors of chakras play an immense role in our life.

If you want to balance your chakras then too you can start playing with Chakric colors. You can choose the color of clothes associated with the Chakra color you want to balance. And you’ll get the results. If you want to stay balanced overall choose whites or lighter tones of colors.

tip – If your life is chaotic and has lots pf problems, then avoid wearing dark and dull colors. As that will keep you away from developing a healthy energy system. 

5) Ocean – Rhythmic water ebb and tide

Ocean or beachside are awesome chakra balancers. As your body is constituted with majority of water. And so being close to water body helps to bring that natural equilibrium. Natural water bodies are better as they are synced with nature. Man made water bodies also work, but not as good as the natural ones.

Natural ebb and tide arising from the sea bed are connected to the larger energy waves of universe. And when you get close to a larger energy form then yours, your energy also will align according to theirs. Getting aligned to universal energy will assure you glide smoothly in your journey of life. When you go against the natural flow of energy, is when you invite turbulence in your life.

6) Sunrise & Sunset – Spiritual exercises at sunrise and sunset

Sunrise and sunset the amazing and beautiful ways to balance your chakras. These are two phenomenon’s when the entire planet is shifting into a different phase. From day to night and from night to day. And the entire shifting process when you too experience by yourself with your eyes, you tend to shift naturally into your best energy levels. Which will make your chakras balanced.

7) Saatvik Foods – Pure, Fresh Saatvik foods helps balance chakras.

Foods affect your body and energy. Big time, this is no secret. And if you’ve heard this first time, you must surely be a new born or an alien! Sorry for the pun. But yes this is widely known by all, that whatever you eat affects you mentally, emotionally and physically.

And the food that’s best for your system and your chakras is the Saatvik food. Saatvik foods are the one’s that have the least amount of cruelty in them. Best saatvik food is fruit that has fallen by itself from the tree. Which has no cruelty in it. But as you know we hardly eat any foods that are fallen down nowdays due to many reasons. First of all many of you might not have fruit trees that can throw fruits on your lap, secondly you consider fallen things as contaminated which leaves less chances for you to take a hold of it and eat it. Ofcourse I didn’t mean you should eat without washing them.

Less amount of karma involved in foods are saatvik that includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses etc. Which are cooked in moderate oil and spices. That are eaten fresh. Stale food isn’t saatvik.

8) Chanting – Mantra chanting

Chanting the one of the best ways that you can balance chakras without anything on the outer world affecting you. Chanting can be paired with above other ways to balance your chakras.

Chanting is spread over the world. All religions have something like beads and some prayers to say over those beads. You might argue about religions and their emergence, but all of them have chanting in common. Why? ahem ahem  because the effect is good for your body.

Chanting is the uttering of a word/ mantra or a phrase again and again. Inorder to help you sink the meaning of that word. And when you utter something constantly over time, that word not only gets installed into your system. But also it generates a vibration that will be put out whenever you chant those words. Which can instantly boost up your chakric system.

Chanting is considered as the most powerful ways to balance chakras. It also helps to change the energy imprint of the chakras. If you’ve been through a long time of trauma. Whence chakras tend to develop a print of the lower energy or blocked energy it held for longer time. That its almost impossible for normal human to raise up.
What brings an instant imbalance in your chakras?

So enough of all the good stuff I told you, it really gives shivers down the spine when you read such awesome stuff like that. So now getting to know certain things that will hurt your chakra balance. These things are some of the common practices today. And they are widely accepted, but they are not accepted by your energy system. Have a look at them…

1) Talking negative things, situations, people, in general all negative topics bring an instant imbalance to chakras

Talking negative is not good for your chakra system. If you want to instantly imbalance your chakras, then do it. It doesn’t make any difference even if you are joking. Saying pinchy things or things that sting even for a second will disrupt the smooth energy flow in your chakras.

So avoid doing it. I know jokes and humor should be a part of our lives daily. But when jokes hurt one and make laugh others are passed, they have the same devastating effect on others. Jokes that make everyone laugh are ideal.

2) Listening to loud horrenduous music

Loud music that is not clear, makes your inner body vibrate is terrible. Try to atay away from that as much as possible. Here in India there are many festivals when people play really loud music. But that’s not goof for your body or chakras.

Music is something that can heal, but when it goes beyond its range can hurt beyond measure. All tools available for us on this planet that are good for mankind. Have their own limitations. When you exceed or misuse them, they are sure on the hurtful mode.

3) Anger, hatred, fighting, stressful situations, criticizm

These negative emotions are mentioned in almost all religious texts, as to stay away from. But today’s television world displays it in an entertainment format.

Whatever you are served on your platter doesn’t matter. You are supposed to choose wisely. Anger even when displayed in a comedy is still anger. And leaves you with some kind of impression of anger.

Stay away from such emotions. Well staying away is always not an option. Understanding why a person is acting like that will help you to accept that person/ situation with open arms. When there’s drama all around us its difficult for people to cope up. And when they blast you can always understand them why they can’t handle it. Not everyone is perfect, and we’ve all been that in that moment when we’d behaved stupidly. So chill! help that person stay in his calm.

4) Too sour, salty, spicy or bitter flavours in food. 

Flavors need to be mild and tolerable. They imbalance minor chakras in the mouth, leading to imbalance in major chakras in your body.

Have heard that before? Ehh… yes ofcourse you have heard it. Remember that dude Patanjali and his 8 sutras? Yes this is from there. You need to keep your taste buds fed well, but not alarmed. Else you are likely to screw up your chakra system too.

Food that blast you with flavors, that make your expressions go bizzare are some of the foods that you should avoid. Why? how can that affect your chakras? That’s what you’re thinking right? but yes they do affect your chakras right away.

Foods like that punch your emotional system for a while, resulting into imbalance in chakra movement for a while. And a silght imbalance in your chakras even for a little while can attract unwanted experiences in your life.

5) Dark Colors –

Dark colors look nice only on cover photos of magazines. They don’t do any good to you or your system. Dark colors attract dark and dull energy. You might say can energy me dark or dull? Yes you do attract something that’s not bright and lively. Which will make you feel dull and depressed.

If not possible to avoid, try avoiding dark colors during spiritual time. Dont wear dark colors and black during meditation, yoga, alter time etc. Black color is not a color at all. Its the absence of color. So when there is no bright or specific color present you see black. Or its the absence of light that will make you see only black. So that applies to what happens to your chakra system as well.

Wear bright colors as possible. If not able to avoid dark colors, try including some bright colored accessory or handkerchief with you.

6) Company of dull & depressive people

This is an oldie, and most heard of. But no one knows the reason why you are supposed to stay away from bad company. Bad company is where you will be exposed and vulnerable and all bad things will be made to appear great to you. Ofcourse people who do a whole bunch of activities together have developed a comfort zone with that. And so they will laugh, joke and make merriment while doing all sorts of ill tasks too.

Its not the little joys you get while staying them that will bring you greater happiness. But the huge unlikely things you do will bring catastrophic results on your life. Oh yes they affect your chakras and through your chakras then your entire life is shaped from there.
Its better to be alone then to have bad company

So be careful to whom you hang around with. Choose your friends wisely, based on what sort of life you want to live. If you want to live a spiritual life, choose friends who are actively practicing meditation, yoga and similar activities. If you want to live a life that’s ambitious and rich start talking to people who have achieved all that in a good way. Crooked paths leading to instant money don’t last long.

That’s all. Will be back next week again with more interesting stuff. I was away for sometime, but I promise to feed you with more great stuff like this in future too. Bye see ya… take care

That’s all from me for now, over to you. How did you like this post? do you agree to these points, have you experienced one or more of these balancing or unbalancing points working in your own life? Share it all in comments below I would love to hear that. And share this post with your friends, family for whom you care… Chakra balancing is nesessary for all of us. Play your little part in caring for them by sharing this on facebook, twitter etc…

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Experiences during Meditation

There’s a great deal of discussion by the masses about experiences during meditation. Whether you practice meditation daily or not, or are a total layman for it, you will still want to dig into this topic “Experiences during Meditation”. There’s some magical thing about it. You might have heard about the great yogi’s who get ecstatic while describing their meditative experiences.

If you are a beginner you will try to search for answers, about what happens exactly during meditation. And what you experience during meditation as you would like a little motivation to keep you going and keep doing your practice regularly. I have put some great info on that. So if you haven’t checked out my previous post about it, then check it out here How to concentrate during Meditation? , How to meditate daily?.

So let’s dig into this topic….

Starter as Newbie –

As a newbie you will be a little excited, as well as curious to have that perfect meditation ecstacy and to get those deep spiritual insights. I would like to tell you here, that meditation is done not just so that you experience this. But even if you don’t have any profound experiences you will still be going a step further in your spiritual journey.

What are the experiences a newbie has to be aware of?

1. Firstly you have to be aware of experienceing “sleep” during meditation –

I know the best meditative experience comes when you are not sleepy. But at times this is what you will experience when you are beginning. Try noticing patterns of sleep that comes to you while meditation. Note down dreams, movements, how to notice it, etc. And try to judge why you hav certain experiences. Also notice any intuitive messages that may come through.

As a beginner you will experience sleep a number of times during meditation, as your intuitive faculties are supressed in your subconscious mind. Which will take time to connect to the conscious mind. And so if any intuitive messages are about to come through then you might slip into sleep.

You receive cosmic energy during meditation and sleep. The time when you slip into sleep is when your subconscious mind tries to touch the unconscious mind. This then leads to cosmic energy flow into the genes which are inactive. Which is rarely possible in normal sleep at night. These inactive strands cannot receive cosmic energy otherwise. And so meditation is the way they get energized and can become active. That is why we say meditation can helps to tap into your hidden potential.

2. Seeing colors –

Seeing colors is also what a beginner experiences a lot of times. This happens because you start developing sensitivity towards energies around you and within you. And so you start seeing colors. Exactly why you are seeing what color might take you some time and mastery over meditation to judge.

3. Hearing sounds/ music/ words –

This is also a kind of experience that you might get. This is due to various reasons. Hearing sensitivity when increases shows that your hearing sensory organ is developing sensitivity for spiritual world. And you start listening to the spiritual world.

Beginning might make you hear a few words, that might not mean anything. Yet you need to keep practicing your daily stuff. Over time these experiences will become sharper and perfect in delivering exact messages. Also these messages might not make any sense in the beginning doesn’t mean that you are not receiving any messages. It might mean you still need some time to understand how to decipher these messages.

4. Getting absurd/ random/ crappy messages –

Then comes these unusual and unwanted messages that hardly mean anything. But in the beginning you will not know whether what messages you receive come into this category. Still you will have to continually make efforts to note them down and try to analyse what they mean. Ultimately some messages might take years for you to come to conclusion that they are just crap.

5. Fearful and Scary messages –

Once you start receiving any messages during meditation you have to continue your practices. The frequency will be very scarce while you are a beginner. But as your practices get constant these kind of experiences will increase. Ultimately when you continue your practices over years, you will learn to connect to spiritual world and get messages for your life. Which will make you land in best places at right time.

But in the meantime you might also have to face these not so great messages that might be fearful and scary. These type of messages are usually not predictive and almost all arise from ego. Mr. Ego is the most silliest being in you, that will act like an idiot when you take up a spiritual journey.

Ego can prove to be a deal breaker, as meditation helps you to quiten the voice of ego. So ego will try to take you as away from it as possible.

6. Twitches in parts of body –

Twitches, jerks in parts of body is common. This might happen when you have some tiny circulatory areas blocked or restricted from reciving prana energy to their fullest. Jerks happen due to unconscious astral travel of your soul, that wanders outside the body just for an outing. And then something just zaps the soul into your body again and you feel a jerk as if you have jumped into it.

7. Spiritual movements –

Spiritual movements also might at times happen to you during meditation. Meditation is a deep science and there are vast amount of experiences that you might go through while on this journey. Spiritual movements is one of them.

Spiritual movements include devotional expressions, circular movements, jumping, moving in circles, yogic postures etc. These are just few of them to give you can idea about what can happen. These happen due to ecstatic feeling in your body when it’s filled with positive energy. That positive energy just not only cleanses your blocked energies, it also replenishes the cleaned space with fresh positive energy.

These movements also happen if you have unlocked some past life memory of some art that could be expressed through bodily movements.

Reasons are many, but its okay to feel these movements. They can also be called kriyas if they happen in a particular rhythm or art form(like yoga, tai chi).

8. Pain or tingling in body or energy –

There can also be pain that might arise during or after meditation. This is because any part of your body might have become blocked. And when circulation restarts within that area, you experience pain. This is actually good news. Also this might be a signal for you to deal with some medical condition that you are not aware of or ignoring. I once experiences some pain on my face for a whole day after meditation. And that was on the part where a bee struck while buzzing hastily. Silly right? how can just a bee touch bring pain. But yes, it was just an experience for me to remember. So the part pained entire day.

Tingles in body also might arise at times during meditation. This happens because your kundalini energy has awakened and is moving around in your body. This tingling can be light to almost unnoticeable. Or they can be very distinct and clear.

What to do when you get experiences in meditation?

You need to do nothing, just keep doing what you are doing. Meditation has million different types of experiences these are just a few of them. Also I would like to ask you to take this a step further and note down your experiences. As there can be vital messages sent to you at meditation time. That may help you over months or years. Which is why its necessary to note down the experience the way you felt it when it happened.

Whether you feel anything magical or ntot, having something to remember is an experience.

Meditation Beginner Experiences –

A beginner might experience very little to no experiences at all. Rarely any newbie will experience mind-blowing experiences. Actually getting different experiences isn’t the goal of meditation. You first need to understand what meditation is and how it can help.

Meditation can help you to tap into your hidden potential and uncover it totally. Once you de-veil your hidden powers you become like a wizard that can magically design life as well as do great deeds for mankind for humanity to remember for eons.

To reach that state you need to begin… Begin somewhere. When you begin you are taking a step at a time. No experience doesn’t you are not going anywhere in your spiritual journey.

Meditation Advanced Experiences –

Advanced meditators have a number of interesting experiences happening with them often, if not on daily level. Advanced meditators can do a number of things with their meditation practice. Advanced meditator can reach out to higher realms of existence, bring answers for their own problems, heal their body with cosmic energy flow, control and direct their negative aspects of personality to make themselves better, communicate to spiritual beings etc to name a few.

Extreme Meditation Experiences –

Extreme experiences include experiences that cannot be believed or perceived by normal human mind. Bring instant shift to thinking of people around them, control climate and thoughts of people, control actions of wild/violent beings, liberate souls trapped into endless loop of births, transport themselves to other place, be at two places at one time in parallel realities, etc. To name a few.

That’s all I had to say about this topic! now over to you… what experiences have you got during meditation? Are you a beginner and experiencing something different that you’d like to share here? Or are you having some extreme meditation experiences…. Any case I would love to hear your say. I would request to be bold and leave a comment here. As many sometimes write to me personally rather then leaving a comment in public. Your comment might help other’s to learn something new… 

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Friday, 27 July 2018

How to maintain Peace of Mind?

How to maintain Peace of Mind?

Is this the pressing question that you face in your life, every now and then?

Well then here’s something that I feel you need to know.

I have mentioned that when you don’t Be or Do what you ought to Be and Do. You move towards destruction. As existence will then not support you. As you are not being and doing what you were expected to be and do. In that case, you are not fulfilling the purpose for what you were born on this planet. So you move towards destruction.

But that destruction doesn’t come immediately. First you begin from mental realm, your mind starts disintegrating. Which feels to you as total chaos.

And you have 99% chances to move back to creative energy when that happens. By starting to think positively!

Are you born with a Yogic Body?

Are you born with a Yogic Body?or are you born with a Yogic Soul? either terms might be confusing for you. But just keep on reading. You are either of these two and so need to know the pros and cons of it. Healthy body is what everyone needs to have to have all other life’s areas balanced and fulfilling.

This term recently came across and I felt that I need to tell this to the world. As there are several people who are suffering because of their Yogic bodies and several other’s on verge of torturing their bodies because of their Yogic souls. Yoga is an essential part of life and inorder that every soul born on this planet follows it, universe or the creator has designed us in such a way that we are compelled to follow yoga.

I am not talking about the yoga or yoga poses. I am talking about the Yoga in higher sense, that is meant to be followed by every soul inorder to attain their worldly goals & ultimate goals.

Worldly goals are the goals that you bring to make a shift in this world, to make it a better place. And Ultimate goals are goals for yourself. That you have to achieve inorder to ascend a higher state from your current state.

Let’s dive into this, whats a Yogic body?

Yogic body is a body that is born with some sensitivity or some yogic power at birth. If you were born with certain kind of sensitivity in your body then you will have certain yogic power inside you. That you have to unveil during your life on this planet. Sensitivity of mind body or soul for certain things in this reality. Your sensitivity will be kind of intolerance for for some foods, atmosphere, environmental objects like pollutants, energy of people, certain phobias, psychological problems, incurable diseases or health complications since birth etc.

Traits of a Yogic body. –

You are born with a body that doesn’t have any store of good karmas or bad karmas. That’s why its termed as yogic, and so healthy balance is needed to be kept. You will need to do a lot of good deeds to keep your body fit.

Yogic body is extra sensitive and needs great care, you can slip off into sickness or health problems very easily. It may not be too serious but they will keep bothering you again and again.
You feel ill or unwell most of the time, and a lot of pampering or motivation or inspiration is needed to feel good. You may also be termed as dramatic person or someone who creates scene. Because of your behavior. Health might make you go nuts, because you are troubled by it most of the time.
Anyone from the outer world can pull you down, why? Because your soul and mind will be normal and so you will have weaknesses in your mind. So mind will not tolerate any weak thoughts about others. Will explain about this later.
This type of body will not allow you to think with mindset that’s fixed in materialistic reality only. You will not be able to think and feel negative for long. It will immediately start showing on our health.
These soul’s are normal, and so can drift to pessimism as they are not evolved yet. Your body will not allow you to think or feel negative for long.
You will have tendency to have a lot of problems in your life, that will push your soul to evolve.

What’s a Yogic soul ?

A soul that is born who is already evolved. This soul doesn’t need any evolution. But they are born to learn lessons of consistency. Keeping their life consistent even after getting evolved. They usually don’t have much difficulty in life. They are born with a body that has stored good karmas in them. And so seldom have any difficulty or complications with health.

A great drawback for them is that they have chances of running out of their good karma and then falling into a trap of bad phase of life. But most cases if this happens, their yogic soul will be easily be able to pull them out of that bad luck.

Traits of a Yogic Soul –

Yogic soul’s are usually born with great bodies, that are healthy. I don’t mean they are remarkable and beautiful. But bodies that usually don’t need any extra care or concern are typically brought in by yogic souls.
You feel good most of the time, and there’s no concern for health. As its never a problem for you.
Outer situations can not affect your health. You health is mostly under your control.
You will be optimistic. And will hardly find any negative thought in your mind. You will not even take in negative mindset from others. You can transmute negativity.
You are born with a perfect life. Perfect relationships, and perfection in every area in general.

Yogic Body – You are lucky, but will feel unlucky

Yogic body will have challenges most of the time in their life. A little tilt from normal routine and getting into little bit of unhealthy lifestyle or foods will result into breakdown of health. You will never be able to go against your will. If you do anything unwillingly, formally it will show up on your health. If not drastic change then little issues will show up.

Why I say you are lucky if you have yogic body, is because you will be forced to stay within limits of maintaining healthy habits for your body. You will never be allowed to exceed your limits of anything. You will not be able to drink excessively, eat any good foods excessively, in short no stretching limits of your body. That’s where you need to keep the balance that a yogi maintains in his life.

Yogic Soul – You are lucky, yet you have chances of getting unlucky.

You have a perfect body that has stored amounts of good karma. Which will make you healthy mostly. But due to certain ups and downs in life, you might tend to get into unhealthy habits that if crossed their limits. Then you might put your health into severe damage. This is when you see certain people born totally healthy, and then spoiling their health with addictions or any other health hazard.

Your body is ordinary so it will take in just anything. Until you cross a certain limit of excess. You won’t find anything wrong with your health. This is where you see people with very healthy bodies, who try to dump them with unhealthy foods. They don’t feel anything wrong for years and years. And one day, bam! They realize they had done the damage themselves.
How to live with a Yogic Body ?
Yogic Body has a normal soul – So you need to evolve. Your body will not take any thought or emotion that is negative. And being born with a normal mind and normal soul will make you have a mental and emotional pattern that is weak. Weak in the sense that doesn’t support the greater reality. It supports only the reality that it can see visually.
Food habits for Yogic body should be very strict. Yogic body will not take in any crappy things inside. You need to be in balance. Remember patanjali’s 8 yoga sutras. You better learn them and follow them. That would be better for you. Balanced mind, balanced emotions, balanced food and balanced exercises will keep your body healthy. When you go high on anything, that’s where your body will back fire. As Its not used to high’s. Yogi’s are balanced and pure people. Your body will not take any mental, emotional, spiritual or physical shit.
Your body will not accept exertion – Any heavy exercise won’t be suitable to your body type generally. As yoga says to be good to your body. So you will need to shift to the mild and gentle way to good health exercises. Even if you try, you will not be able to stick to that regime for long.
How to live with a Yogic Soul?
Yogic souls as lucky you are, you need to be good with your Karmas. Though you have your store of karmas for life-long balanced life. One mean act may ruin that karmic balance, depending on the degree of damage you’ve created.
Eat healthy, exercise and have a great time. You should not exceed or get into addictions. If you do excess of anything then there are chances that you might screw up your health.
You are brought to this planet to create balance as not all soul’s can be born yogic soul’s. So you need to stay balanced and radiating with positivity and divinity. Whenever you feel anybody needs your help, you need to help them.

Why are you born with a Yogic Body?

You are not given a yogic body just so that you keep on getting frustrated by balancing the good and bad going into your body. You have been given a yogic body so that your soul can eveolve. Yes living in a yogic body is sort of frustrating and depressing. But that body will not let you stay frustrated and depressed for long too. As it will start giving you reactions for that imbalance.

Your soul needs to evolve, and reach a yogic level. Whether you do it now or somewhere in future is upto you. Walking on Soul’s Purpose path, also might come to you with difficulty. As your soul isn’t a mature soul. Its just a little soul who comes to this planet and forgets its duties.
Why are you born with a Yogic Soul?

Your soul’s purpose is to stay with integrity in your normal body and make the body reach a yogic level. The normal body with store of good karmas will make you a bit less concerned about eating healthy and staying healthy. But your yogic soul is aware that human body is invaluable and the birth on this planet should be made the most of.

Usually yogic souls are born with easy lifestyle and easy environments and parents. So you will have less challenges. You will most probably be doing something related to your life purpose.

Your challenge will be to be born as a Yogic soul and to maintain the balance and awareness of a yogi in an ordinary body. Your body isn’t used to eating yogi’s food, it might take in all sorts of extremes without giving you a slight hint that you have done is wrong.

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