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How to maintain Peace of Mind?

How to maintain Peace of Mind?

Is this the pressing question that you face in your life, every now and then?

Well then here’s something that I feel you need to know.

I have mentioned that when you don’t Be or Do what you ought to Be and Do. You move towards destruction. As existence will then not support you. As you are not being and doing what you were expected to be and do. In that case, you are not fulfilling the purpose for what you were born on this planet. So you move towards destruction.

But that destruction doesn’t come immediately. First you begin from mental realm, your mind starts disintegrating. Which feels to you as total chaos.

And you have 99% chances to move back to creative energy when that happens. By starting to think positively!

Are you born with a Yogic Body?

Are you born with a Yogic Body?or are you born with a Yogic Soul? either terms might be confusing for you. But just keep on reading. You are either of these two and so need to know the pros and cons of it. Healthy body is what everyone needs to have to have all other life’s areas balanced and fulfilling.

This term recently came across and I felt that I need to tell this to the world. As there are several people who are suffering because of their Yogic bodies and several other’s on verge of torturing their bodies because of their Yogic souls. Yoga is an essential part of life and inorder that every soul born on this planet follows it, universe or the creator has designed us in such a way that we are compelled to follow yoga.

I am not talking about the yoga or yoga poses. I am talking about the Yoga in higher sense, that is meant to be followed by every soul inorder to attain their worldly goals & ultimate goals.

Worldly goals are the goals that you bring to make a shift in this world, to make it a better place. And Ultimate goals are goals for yourself. That you have to achieve inorder to ascend a higher state from your current state.

Let’s dive into this, whats a Yogic body?

Yogic body is a body that is born with some sensitivity or some yogic power at birth. If you were born with certain kind of sensitivity in your body then you will have certain yogic power inside you. That you have to unveil during your life on this planet. Sensitivity of mind body or soul for certain things in this reality. Your sensitivity will be kind of intolerance for for some foods, atmosphere, environmental objects like pollutants, energy of people, certain phobias, psychological problems, incurable diseases or health complications since birth etc.

Traits of a Yogic body. –

You are born with a body that doesn’t have any store of good karmas or bad karmas. That’s why its termed as yogic, and so healthy balance is needed to be kept. You will need to do a lot of good deeds to keep your body fit.

Yogic body is extra sensitive and needs great care, you can slip off into sickness or health problems very easily. It may not be too serious but they will keep bothering you again and again.
You feel ill or unwell most of the time, and a lot of pampering or motivation or inspiration is needed to feel good. You may also be termed as dramatic person or someone who creates scene. Because of your behavior. Health might make you go nuts, because you are troubled by it most of the time.
Anyone from the outer world can pull you down, why? Because your soul and mind will be normal and so you will have weaknesses in your mind. So mind will not tolerate any weak thoughts about others. Will explain about this later.
This type of body will not allow you to think with mindset that’s fixed in materialistic reality only. You will not be able to think and feel negative for long. It will immediately start showing on our health.
These soul’s are normal, and so can drift to pessimism as they are not evolved yet. Your body will not allow you to think or feel negative for long.
You will have tendency to have a lot of problems in your life, that will push your soul to evolve.

What’s a Yogic soul ?

A soul that is born who is already evolved. This soul doesn’t need any evolution. But they are born to learn lessons of consistency. Keeping their life consistent even after getting evolved. They usually don’t have much difficulty in life. They are born with a body that has stored good karmas in them. And so seldom have any difficulty or complications with health.

A great drawback for them is that they have chances of running out of their good karma and then falling into a trap of bad phase of life. But most cases if this happens, their yogic soul will be easily be able to pull them out of that bad luck.

Traits of a Yogic Soul –

Yogic soul’s are usually born with great bodies, that are healthy. I don’t mean they are remarkable and beautiful. But bodies that usually don’t need any extra care or concern are typically brought in by yogic souls.
You feel good most of the time, and there’s no concern for health. As its never a problem for you.
Outer situations can not affect your health. You health is mostly under your control.
You will be optimistic. And will hardly find any negative thought in your mind. You will not even take in negative mindset from others. You can transmute negativity.
You are born with a perfect life. Perfect relationships, and perfection in every area in general.

Yogic Body – You are lucky, but will feel unlucky

Yogic body will have challenges most of the time in their life. A little tilt from normal routine and getting into little bit of unhealthy lifestyle or foods will result into breakdown of health. You will never be able to go against your will. If you do anything unwillingly, formally it will show up on your health. If not drastic change then little issues will show up.

Why I say you are lucky if you have yogic body, is because you will be forced to stay within limits of maintaining healthy habits for your body. You will never be allowed to exceed your limits of anything. You will not be able to drink excessively, eat any good foods excessively, in short no stretching limits of your body. That’s where you need to keep the balance that a yogi maintains in his life.

Yogic Soul – You are lucky, yet you have chances of getting unlucky.

You have a perfect body that has stored amounts of good karma. Which will make you healthy mostly. But due to certain ups and downs in life, you might tend to get into unhealthy habits that if crossed their limits. Then you might put your health into severe damage. This is when you see certain people born totally healthy, and then spoiling their health with addictions or any other health hazard.

Your body is ordinary so it will take in just anything. Until you cross a certain limit of excess. You won’t find anything wrong with your health. This is where you see people with very healthy bodies, who try to dump them with unhealthy foods. They don’t feel anything wrong for years and years. And one day, bam! They realize they had done the damage themselves.
How to live with a Yogic Body ?
Yogic Body has a normal soul – So you need to evolve. Your body will not take any thought or emotion that is negative. And being born with a normal mind and normal soul will make you have a mental and emotional pattern that is weak. Weak in the sense that doesn’t support the greater reality. It supports only the reality that it can see visually.
Food habits for Yogic body should be very strict. Yogic body will not take in any crappy things inside. You need to be in balance. Remember patanjali’s 8 yoga sutras. You better learn them and follow them. That would be better for you. Balanced mind, balanced emotions, balanced food and balanced exercises will keep your body healthy. When you go high on anything, that’s where your body will back fire. As Its not used to high’s. Yogi’s are balanced and pure people. Your body will not take any mental, emotional, spiritual or physical shit.
Your body will not accept exertion – Any heavy exercise won’t be suitable to your body type generally. As yoga says to be good to your body. So you will need to shift to the mild and gentle way to good health exercises. Even if you try, you will not be able to stick to that regime for long.
How to live with a Yogic Soul?
Yogic souls as lucky you are, you need to be good with your Karmas. Though you have your store of karmas for life-long balanced life. One mean act may ruin that karmic balance, depending on the degree of damage you’ve created.
Eat healthy, exercise and have a great time. You should not exceed or get into addictions. If you do excess of anything then there are chances that you might screw up your health.
You are brought to this planet to create balance as not all soul’s can be born yogic soul’s. So you need to stay balanced and radiating with positivity and divinity. Whenever you feel anybody needs your help, you need to help them.

Why are you born with a Yogic Body?

You are not given a yogic body just so that you keep on getting frustrated by balancing the good and bad going into your body. You have been given a yogic body so that your soul can eveolve. Yes living in a yogic body is sort of frustrating and depressing. But that body will not let you stay frustrated and depressed for long too. As it will start giving you reactions for that imbalance.

Your soul needs to evolve, and reach a yogic level. Whether you do it now or somewhere in future is upto you. Walking on Soul’s Purpose path, also might come to you with difficulty. As your soul isn’t a mature soul. Its just a little soul who comes to this planet and forgets its duties.
Why are you born with a Yogic Soul?

Your soul’s purpose is to stay with integrity in your normal body and make the body reach a yogic level. The normal body with store of good karmas will make you a bit less concerned about eating healthy and staying healthy. But your yogic soul is aware that human body is invaluable and the birth on this planet should be made the most of.

Usually yogic souls are born with easy lifestyle and easy environments and parents. So you will have less challenges. You will most probably be doing something related to your life purpose.

Your challenge will be to be born as a Yogic soul and to maintain the balance and awareness of a yogi in an ordinary body. Your body isn’t used to eating yogi’s food, it might take in all sorts of extremes without giving you a slight hint that you have done is wrong.

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