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Experiences during Meditation

There’s a great deal of discussion by the masses about experiences during meditation. Whether you practice meditation daily or not, or are a total layman for it, you will still want to dig into this topic “Experiences during Meditation”. There’s some magical thing about it. You might have heard about the great yogi’s who get ecstatic while describing their meditative experiences.

If you are a beginner you will try to search for answers, about what happens exactly during meditation. And what you experience during meditation as you would like a little motivation to keep you going and keep doing your practice regularly. I have put some great info on that. So if you haven’t checked out my previous post about it, then check it out here How to concentrate during Meditation? , How to meditate daily?.

So let’s dig into this topic….

Starter as Newbie –

As a newbie you will be a little excited, as well as curious to have that perfect meditation ecstacy and to get those deep spiritual insights. I would like to tell you here, that meditation is done not just so that you experience this. But even if you don’t have any profound experiences you will still be going a step further in your spiritual journey.

What are the experiences a newbie has to be aware of?

1. Firstly you have to be aware of experienceing “sleep” during meditation –

I know the best meditative experience comes when you are not sleepy. But at times this is what you will experience when you are beginning. Try noticing patterns of sleep that comes to you while meditation. Note down dreams, movements, how to notice it, etc. And try to judge why you hav certain experiences. Also notice any intuitive messages that may come through.

As a beginner you will experience sleep a number of times during meditation, as your intuitive faculties are supressed in your subconscious mind. Which will take time to connect to the conscious mind. And so if any intuitive messages are about to come through then you might slip into sleep.

You receive cosmic energy during meditation and sleep. The time when you slip into sleep is when your subconscious mind tries to touch the unconscious mind. This then leads to cosmic energy flow into the genes which are inactive. Which is rarely possible in normal sleep at night. These inactive strands cannot receive cosmic energy otherwise. And so meditation is the way they get energized and can become active. That is why we say meditation can helps to tap into your hidden potential.

2. Seeing colors –

Seeing colors is also what a beginner experiences a lot of times. This happens because you start developing sensitivity towards energies around you and within you. And so you start seeing colors. Exactly why you are seeing what color might take you some time and mastery over meditation to judge.

3. Hearing sounds/ music/ words –

This is also a kind of experience that you might get. This is due to various reasons. Hearing sensitivity when increases shows that your hearing sensory organ is developing sensitivity for spiritual world. And you start listening to the spiritual world.

Beginning might make you hear a few words, that might not mean anything. Yet you need to keep practicing your daily stuff. Over time these experiences will become sharper and perfect in delivering exact messages. Also these messages might not make any sense in the beginning doesn’t mean that you are not receiving any messages. It might mean you still need some time to understand how to decipher these messages.

4. Getting absurd/ random/ crappy messages –

Then comes these unusual and unwanted messages that hardly mean anything. But in the beginning you will not know whether what messages you receive come into this category. Still you will have to continually make efforts to note them down and try to analyse what they mean. Ultimately some messages might take years for you to come to conclusion that they are just crap.

5. Fearful and Scary messages –

Once you start receiving any messages during meditation you have to continue your practices. The frequency will be very scarce while you are a beginner. But as your practices get constant these kind of experiences will increase. Ultimately when you continue your practices over years, you will learn to connect to spiritual world and get messages for your life. Which will make you land in best places at right time.

But in the meantime you might also have to face these not so great messages that might be fearful and scary. These type of messages are usually not predictive and almost all arise from ego. Mr. Ego is the most silliest being in you, that will act like an idiot when you take up a spiritual journey.

Ego can prove to be a deal breaker, as meditation helps you to quiten the voice of ego. So ego will try to take you as away from it as possible.

6. Twitches in parts of body –

Twitches, jerks in parts of body is common. This might happen when you have some tiny circulatory areas blocked or restricted from reciving prana energy to their fullest. Jerks happen due to unconscious astral travel of your soul, that wanders outside the body just for an outing. And then something just zaps the soul into your body again and you feel a jerk as if you have jumped into it.

7. Spiritual movements –

Spiritual movements also might at times happen to you during meditation. Meditation is a deep science and there are vast amount of experiences that you might go through while on this journey. Spiritual movements is one of them.

Spiritual movements include devotional expressions, circular movements, jumping, moving in circles, yogic postures etc. These are just few of them to give you can idea about what can happen. These happen due to ecstatic feeling in your body when it’s filled with positive energy. That positive energy just not only cleanses your blocked energies, it also replenishes the cleaned space with fresh positive energy.

These movements also happen if you have unlocked some past life memory of some art that could be expressed through bodily movements.

Reasons are many, but its okay to feel these movements. They can also be called kriyas if they happen in a particular rhythm or art form(like yoga, tai chi).

8. Pain or tingling in body or energy –

There can also be pain that might arise during or after meditation. This is because any part of your body might have become blocked. And when circulation restarts within that area, you experience pain. This is actually good news. Also this might be a signal for you to deal with some medical condition that you are not aware of or ignoring. I once experiences some pain on my face for a whole day after meditation. And that was on the part where a bee struck while buzzing hastily. Silly right? how can just a bee touch bring pain. But yes, it was just an experience for me to remember. So the part pained entire day.

Tingles in body also might arise at times during meditation. This happens because your kundalini energy has awakened and is moving around in your body. This tingling can be light to almost unnoticeable. Or they can be very distinct and clear.

What to do when you get experiences in meditation?

You need to do nothing, just keep doing what you are doing. Meditation has million different types of experiences these are just a few of them. Also I would like to ask you to take this a step further and note down your experiences. As there can be vital messages sent to you at meditation time. That may help you over months or years. Which is why its necessary to note down the experience the way you felt it when it happened.

Whether you feel anything magical or ntot, having something to remember is an experience.

Meditation Beginner Experiences –

A beginner might experience very little to no experiences at all. Rarely any newbie will experience mind-blowing experiences. Actually getting different experiences isn’t the goal of meditation. You first need to understand what meditation is and how it can help.

Meditation can help you to tap into your hidden potential and uncover it totally. Once you de-veil your hidden powers you become like a wizard that can magically design life as well as do great deeds for mankind for humanity to remember for eons.

To reach that state you need to begin… Begin somewhere. When you begin you are taking a step at a time. No experience doesn’t you are not going anywhere in your spiritual journey.

Meditation Advanced Experiences –

Advanced meditators have a number of interesting experiences happening with them often, if not on daily level. Advanced meditators can do a number of things with their meditation practice. Advanced meditator can reach out to higher realms of existence, bring answers for their own problems, heal their body with cosmic energy flow, control and direct their negative aspects of personality to make themselves better, communicate to spiritual beings etc to name a few.

Extreme Meditation Experiences –

Extreme experiences include experiences that cannot be believed or perceived by normal human mind. Bring instant shift to thinking of people around them, control climate and thoughts of people, control actions of wild/violent beings, liberate souls trapped into endless loop of births, transport themselves to other place, be at two places at one time in parallel realities, etc. To name a few.

That’s all I had to say about this topic! now over to you… what experiences have you got during meditation? Are you a beginner and experiencing something different that you’d like to share here? Or are you having some extreme meditation experiences…. Any case I would love to hear your say. I would request to be bold and leave a comment here. As many sometimes write to me personally rather then leaving a comment in public. Your comment might help other’s to learn something new… 

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