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Tips to instantly balance Chakras

When you know that your Chakras are very important part of you, that they actually decide the course of your life. You would surely be concerned about keeping them balanced. And if you don’t know what chakras are, let me tell you in short.

They are vortices that rotate in circular motion, and are located near your spine. They are more of energetic level rather then considering them as physical part of body. Chakras are basically many, but there are seven main one’s. Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra, Swadhisthan or Sacral Chakra, Manipura or Solar plexus Chakra, Anahata or Heart Chakra, Vishuddhi or Throat Chakra, Ajna or Third eye Chakra and Sahastrar or Crown chakra. I usually love to use the sanskrit terms as they are more precise in their meaning. Saying Third eye for Ajna chakra doesn’t fit for me. And I guess for many out there, real spiritualists.

You must have noticed something here, they are seven chakras and these seven colors look familiar right? Yep you guessed it right. These seven colors are same as the colors of the spectrum. After all they together form the white light!  Struck something? Well no issues, you’ll get there quickly.

So the chakras are supra important, and so its even more of a concern that they should be kept balanced and rotating positively. As Chakras decide the course of your life. The more positive they rotate the more balanced and “on track” your life stays. So here are a few ways, to help you keep your chakras balanced. Well they can be 100% effective, but it also depends how much you allow them to take effect on your mind and body.
Tips to instantly balance Chakras –

Apart from Meditation, there are a lot of other ways that can help bring balance to your chakras. Meditation not only helps to bring an instant balance to chakras, but regular practice can help you keep your chakras balanced over a longer period of time and can help you to avoid disruption to their flow.

So here’s a few other things that can help you to keep your chakras balanced or bring them into balance..

1) Music

Music is the ultimate best solution for balancing your chakras and keeping them balanced. Sound is something that came into being earlier then light or anything else was created in this cosmos. God who first set out for manifesting existance appeared in the form of sound first. And that sound was ‘om’.

So music is obviously the best solution for banalcing your chakras. And not just any music. Music that’s soothing and positive. Instrumentals are best. But sometimes you might also want to listen to music with lyrics. And so try to listen to positive, uplifting music.

If the music with lyrics is negative and saddening, it will reverse its purpose. Making your chakras block or run negative. Which you really don’t want. And reading this if it strikes that you have been listening to negative, gloomy songs more then stop! you don’t really want to be there what the song is describing. Yes lovers of music industry always appreciate negative songs too for the beauty of feelings or instances expressed in words. But still thats music. Its better to appreciate, and move on. Move on to better and soothing music.

2) Yoga –

Though there are several praises of other forms of exercising, no other form of exercise can help with your chakras.

Yoga not only helps to clear blocks with chakras, but also helps to keep them in a healthy balance. Yoga is beneficial to your body and your life overall. So it can be called more of a holistic exercise and not something that works on just your physical body.

Yoga helps to regulate the flow of lymph to all parts of body, that extend to minutest of capillaries, and by doing so it will remove toxins that had long been accumulated in your body.

Yoga also helps in keeping the flow of yin and yang energies in your body. Which when stays balanced keeps you mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

Yoga helps you to stay positive and connect to the spiritual world, that helps you to awaken kundalini energy and thus keeping Chakras permanently balanced once you reach the yogi level.

3) Pranayam

Another marvel by Indian yogi’s. Pranayam comes from the word prana and this prana is the life energy that we breathe in. Its not oxygen but the life energy. The energy that we breathe in that helps us to stay alive.

While yoga helps to keep physical body healthy by keeping energy system healthy. Pranayam is the nectar that you can feed your body with, that will help you to strengthen your inner chakra system. It will not just strengthen the chakra system but also activate the kundalini energy that lies dormant inside every human body.

You might feel that pranayam is mere breathing exercises, why am I giving the word ‘nectar’ for it. Pranayam is actually feeding your body with pure prana energy when you practice your daily pranayama routine. And not just that pranayama helps you to regulate your breathing cycle, it helps in keeping breath in rhythm with universal rhythm. So you continuously get pure prana energy once you begin practicing this regularly.

4) Colors

Colors are directly associated to chakras. What colors you love, what colors you wear, what colors you don’t like. Are all a reflection of your chakras. As well as these choices further affect the balance or imbalance of your chakras.

If you are loving bright colors, means you have a balanced chakra system(its possibility, also choice of colors keep changing from time to time. So this assumption is not accurate). If you are sad and depressed you will be attracted towards dark and dull colors. Showing off your state of chakras at that time. Also I must say chakras keep rotating all the time, with every thought your chakras rotate and illuminate out a different or brighter/ dull tone of that shade.

Major Chakras are seven and have a color from spectrum already associated with each one of them. After all white light splits into seven colors, and seven colors combine to make white light. And almost every religion believes that eternal God is nothing but white light. So seven colors of chakras play an immense role in our life.

If you want to balance your chakras then too you can start playing with Chakric colors. You can choose the color of clothes associated with the Chakra color you want to balance. And you’ll get the results. If you want to stay balanced overall choose whites or lighter tones of colors.

tip – If your life is chaotic and has lots pf problems, then avoid wearing dark and dull colors. As that will keep you away from developing a healthy energy system. 

5) Ocean – Rhythmic water ebb and tide

Ocean or beachside are awesome chakra balancers. As your body is constituted with majority of water. And so being close to water body helps to bring that natural equilibrium. Natural water bodies are better as they are synced with nature. Man made water bodies also work, but not as good as the natural ones.

Natural ebb and tide arising from the sea bed are connected to the larger energy waves of universe. And when you get close to a larger energy form then yours, your energy also will align according to theirs. Getting aligned to universal energy will assure you glide smoothly in your journey of life. When you go against the natural flow of energy, is when you invite turbulence in your life.

6) Sunrise & Sunset – Spiritual exercises at sunrise and sunset

Sunrise and sunset the amazing and beautiful ways to balance your chakras. These are two phenomenon’s when the entire planet is shifting into a different phase. From day to night and from night to day. And the entire shifting process when you too experience by yourself with your eyes, you tend to shift naturally into your best energy levels. Which will make your chakras balanced.

7) Saatvik Foods – Pure, Fresh Saatvik foods helps balance chakras.

Foods affect your body and energy. Big time, this is no secret. And if you’ve heard this first time, you must surely be a new born or an alien! Sorry for the pun. But yes this is widely known by all, that whatever you eat affects you mentally, emotionally and physically.

And the food that’s best for your system and your chakras is the Saatvik food. Saatvik foods are the one’s that have the least amount of cruelty in them. Best saatvik food is fruit that has fallen by itself from the tree. Which has no cruelty in it. But as you know we hardly eat any foods that are fallen down nowdays due to many reasons. First of all many of you might not have fruit trees that can throw fruits on your lap, secondly you consider fallen things as contaminated which leaves less chances for you to take a hold of it and eat it. Ofcourse I didn’t mean you should eat without washing them.

Less amount of karma involved in foods are saatvik that includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses etc. Which are cooked in moderate oil and spices. That are eaten fresh. Stale food isn’t saatvik.

8) Chanting – Mantra chanting

Chanting the one of the best ways that you can balance chakras without anything on the outer world affecting you. Chanting can be paired with above other ways to balance your chakras.

Chanting is spread over the world. All religions have something like beads and some prayers to say over those beads. You might argue about religions and their emergence, but all of them have chanting in common. Why? ahem ahem  because the effect is good for your body.

Chanting is the uttering of a word/ mantra or a phrase again and again. Inorder to help you sink the meaning of that word. And when you utter something constantly over time, that word not only gets installed into your system. But also it generates a vibration that will be put out whenever you chant those words. Which can instantly boost up your chakric system.

Chanting is considered as the most powerful ways to balance chakras. It also helps to change the energy imprint of the chakras. If you’ve been through a long time of trauma. Whence chakras tend to develop a print of the lower energy or blocked energy it held for longer time. That its almost impossible for normal human to raise up.
What brings an instant imbalance in your chakras?

So enough of all the good stuff I told you, it really gives shivers down the spine when you read such awesome stuff like that. So now getting to know certain things that will hurt your chakra balance. These things are some of the common practices today. And they are widely accepted, but they are not accepted by your energy system. Have a look at them…

1) Talking negative things, situations, people, in general all negative topics bring an instant imbalance to chakras

Talking negative is not good for your chakra system. If you want to instantly imbalance your chakras, then do it. It doesn’t make any difference even if you are joking. Saying pinchy things or things that sting even for a second will disrupt the smooth energy flow in your chakras.

So avoid doing it. I know jokes and humor should be a part of our lives daily. But when jokes hurt one and make laugh others are passed, they have the same devastating effect on others. Jokes that make everyone laugh are ideal.

2) Listening to loud horrenduous music

Loud music that is not clear, makes your inner body vibrate is terrible. Try to atay away from that as much as possible. Here in India there are many festivals when people play really loud music. But that’s not goof for your body or chakras.

Music is something that can heal, but when it goes beyond its range can hurt beyond measure. All tools available for us on this planet that are good for mankind. Have their own limitations. When you exceed or misuse them, they are sure on the hurtful mode.

3) Anger, hatred, fighting, stressful situations, criticizm

These negative emotions are mentioned in almost all religious texts, as to stay away from. But today’s television world displays it in an entertainment format.

Whatever you are served on your platter doesn’t matter. You are supposed to choose wisely. Anger even when displayed in a comedy is still anger. And leaves you with some kind of impression of anger.

Stay away from such emotions. Well staying away is always not an option. Understanding why a person is acting like that will help you to accept that person/ situation with open arms. When there’s drama all around us its difficult for people to cope up. And when they blast you can always understand them why they can’t handle it. Not everyone is perfect, and we’ve all been that in that moment when we’d behaved stupidly. So chill! help that person stay in his calm.

4) Too sour, salty, spicy or bitter flavours in food. 

Flavors need to be mild and tolerable. They imbalance minor chakras in the mouth, leading to imbalance in major chakras in your body.

Have heard that before? Ehh… yes ofcourse you have heard it. Remember that dude Patanjali and his 8 sutras? Yes this is from there. You need to keep your taste buds fed well, but not alarmed. Else you are likely to screw up your chakra system too.

Food that blast you with flavors, that make your expressions go bizzare are some of the foods that you should avoid. Why? how can that affect your chakras? That’s what you’re thinking right? but yes they do affect your chakras right away.

Foods like that punch your emotional system for a while, resulting into imbalance in chakra movement for a while. And a silght imbalance in your chakras even for a little while can attract unwanted experiences in your life.

5) Dark Colors –

Dark colors look nice only on cover photos of magazines. They don’t do any good to you or your system. Dark colors attract dark and dull energy. You might say can energy me dark or dull? Yes you do attract something that’s not bright and lively. Which will make you feel dull and depressed.

If not possible to avoid, try avoiding dark colors during spiritual time. Dont wear dark colors and black during meditation, yoga, alter time etc. Black color is not a color at all. Its the absence of color. So when there is no bright or specific color present you see black. Or its the absence of light that will make you see only black. So that applies to what happens to your chakra system as well.

Wear bright colors as possible. If not able to avoid dark colors, try including some bright colored accessory or handkerchief with you.

6) Company of dull & depressive people

This is an oldie, and most heard of. But no one knows the reason why you are supposed to stay away from bad company. Bad company is where you will be exposed and vulnerable and all bad things will be made to appear great to you. Ofcourse people who do a whole bunch of activities together have developed a comfort zone with that. And so they will laugh, joke and make merriment while doing all sorts of ill tasks too.

Its not the little joys you get while staying them that will bring you greater happiness. But the huge unlikely things you do will bring catastrophic results on your life. Oh yes they affect your chakras and through your chakras then your entire life is shaped from there.
Its better to be alone then to have bad company

So be careful to whom you hang around with. Choose your friends wisely, based on what sort of life you want to live. If you want to live a spiritual life, choose friends who are actively practicing meditation, yoga and similar activities. If you want to live a life that’s ambitious and rich start talking to people who have achieved all that in a good way. Crooked paths leading to instant money don’t last long.

That’s all. Will be back next week again with more interesting stuff. I was away for sometime, but I promise to feed you with more great stuff like this in future too. Bye see ya… take care

That’s all from me for now, over to you. How did you like this post? do you agree to these points, have you experienced one or more of these balancing or unbalancing points working in your own life? Share it all in comments below I would love to hear that. And share this post with your friends, family for whom you care… Chakra balancing is nesessary for all of us. Play your little part in caring for them by sharing this on facebook, twitter etc…

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