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Meditative State

Meditative State is the state your mind, body and soul are in, while doing meditation. Meditative states described here are just according to my view of them. I don't claim it to be the most perfect description nor the only definition for meditative states that exists on the internet. So please read this post with an open mind. Also at the same time I do believe that this post will help you to learn about meditative state and will help you in attaining each of these states with ease.

Meditation state cannot be judged from outer appearance by ordinary people who don't meditate. Many times people who don't meditate will judge you to be 'asleep' while meditating. When a person has attained mastery over meditation then only they can judge other's about how deep anyone is into meditation. And yes you cannot judge a 'meditative state' from images and movies that are shown on TV, remember they areacting and not Meditating.

Meditation done has several different states. And there are infinite number of states that you can be in while meditating. But I have separated a few states as it will give you an idea about meditative states, and how you can go into each state.
Certain facts about Meditative states -

Meditative states whether shallow or deep give you benefits. So you have to stay assured that you are surely gaining some benefits from whatever states of meditation you are reaching.

Meditation when done it surely gives you some benefits. And so dont stop meditating if you dont get my extra ordinary experiences.

Meditation brings subtle changes in mind, body and soul whether you get any remarkable states you achieve or not. You surely change and go a step above then what you were. Even if you dont see a remarkable change to your mind or body. And with meditation whatever changes come, are always permanent.

Advantages of a Meditative state -

Meditative states are highly advantageous. Meditative states whether shallow or deep give us several benefits. Here are a few of them, you gain all of these benefits in little or more amount based on the depth you have gone.

- Your breath turns normal, and you are aligned with the universal breathing rhythm. Universally aligning to breath, helps to keep the mind, body and soul healthy.

- Your mind is cleared and you get refreshed as if out from sleep.

- When mind is cleared, your body chakras too start running positively. Though chakra states keep changing with every breath. But meditation helps reset the chakras and turn them positive. If your mind-set has become very negative, your chakras might turn positive for a few moments till you are into meditation. Then onwards they might again become imbalanced. But when you repeatedly follow medtation, slowly the meditative state will bring out your chakras from that imbalancing pattern.

- Your mind is calm and you attract more amount of cosmic energy to enter into your body. Cosmic energy is the abundant flow of universal energy into our body. And based on our lifestyle now we need more of it everyday then what's replenished during sleep.

- Your inner systems get strengthened because of the cosmic energy you receive during meditation.

- These are the basic benefits that you receive. You may or may not get any remarkable experience during meditation. But it doesnt make any difference. Advantages are still there.

Types of Meditative states -

There are many types of meditative states, I have just listed a few of them. And the ultimate meditative state is though the last one that I have discussed here, yet its the only tip of the iceberg. And there are countless number of other states that you can reach after the ultimate meditative state.

1. Shallow Meditative State - This state is when you have just gone into meditation, you will be very much conscious of everything going on around you. This is like a super sensitive state, as whether you go deeper or not depends on this state. When you become more sensitive, you'll also feel more, be more and do more in this state. And so you start feeling crawling sensations on your skin, you be more aware of things you start recalling tasks that you had to do and you forgot. As you do more you become aware of your thoughts and position and you try to adjust yourself according to your understanding in that state.

Remember you were totally conscious but going into this state made you aware that you need to shift to a better position, you need to shake off that itching which was not there when you were awake. I realized that the itching part on skin usually came very often though there were no bugs or insects or mosquitoes. It was just your mind getting more sensitive, and preparing to go more deep.

Why I say that this state is important, and decides whether you'll go deeper or not. Its because you try to judge yourself based on this state. You feel guilty that you are thinking stuff which you should not be thinking of. Whereas this state is bringing to your awareness things that you forgot during your conscious state. Its a positive sign that you went into shallow state of awareness when you begin realizing things that you should've done. So the first thing is that you need to be happy when you get those thoughts, and at the same time you also need to hold-on yourself. You don't have to hop and finish those tasks. You have to complete those tasks after your meditation.

2. General Meditative state - This state is like when you feel you are falling asleep. This state is not constant, it comes in for some time and goes away bringing you again into shallow meditative state. This state is mostly mistaken to be as 'sleepy' state and most people give up their meditation because of this state.

As people feel that they are just sleeping or getting drowsy. Nothing is happening during meditation. But that's not the case. Your mind is actually preparing you to go more deeper from here.

When you stop hearing the surrounding sounds for a few seconds and then again normally hear sounds in your surroundings, its a perfect sign that you are getting into a general meditative state.

3. Deep Meditative State - This state comes in after general state, you go deep and become aware about things, thoughts, decisions, occurences about past or future that you did not plan to think about. These may be predictive about your future or it may signify some answers that you are searching for.

You might also start seeing different colors, some scenes or something that's totally irrelevant to your present surroundings and situations. This state lays a base for the ultimate meditative state. Certain people when start seeing prophetic visions, predictive messages might get scared here and cease their practice. As you may not be able to explain certain messages that might seem to be negative. Let me tell you, here whatever you'll see will be true 75% of times. And few things will be non-predictive. But you shouldn't stop your practices here.

You can reach this state with practice, and when you meditate for 10-15mins or more. This state will be difficult for you if you are a beginner, even if you meditate for 15mins. To help reach this state, you need to follow these rules too.

4. Very Deep Meditative State -

This state is where you may stop hearing the surrounding sounds for a prolonged period, for several minutes. And start getting intuitive messages, dreams, hunches or flashes of images or situations. Whether these mean anything or not, the state surely means that you have reached a very deep state.

Seeing or hearing different things in this state is not compulsory. Some people might not experience anything like that except the very deep state. And then too its fine and a very deep meditative state.

This state would be very relaxing, and you'll feel you've almost had a 1 or 2 hour nap after coming out of this meditation. This meditation maybe 20-30 min deep meditation. This state can be reached when you meditate for more then 20 mins. (according to me, not a universal statement)

5. Ultimate Meditative State -

This is the ultimate state that we can actually call Meditation. As Meditation is not doing, its being. Meditation is actually a state where your mind comes to a total stand still, when it focus on only one thought or not thought. Its where the zero state is achieved. Well but yes, inorder to achieve this state you surely need to DO the process of going deep. So that you go deep through the previous 4 stages and then through this stage.

This state can be reached with great mastery. You cannot expect any rules with this state. This state will require years to master. If you experience it in shorter time, its totally God's grace.

But if you've not experienced this state even after years, you should'nt get disheartened and stop your practices thinking that you're not going to attain this state ever. Universe totally knows when you need this state, and you'll reach it when you need it. Also its not necessary that everyone meditating should attain this state. For some people only the above states will suffice.

Importance of each state -

Shallow meditative state can be reached easily, and 99.99% of beginner meditators reach this state. And its important to experience this state for a couple of days. This state helps you for the next state, i.e General Meditative state.

General Meditative state is very important. And it helps in preparing you for the next deep state by beginning to relax your body and slowing down your mind. When you feel you're getting drowsy is where your mind is slowing down. And it is preparing your mind and body to tap into the spiritual world.

Deep meditative state is where your mind slowly relaxes totally, makes you aware for spiritual world and physical world as well. You will switch between these worlds easily in this state. You won't be able to judge easily when you switch between the two worlds. An advanced meditator will be able to compare.

Very deep meditative state is important. This state is where your chakras begin to get active and your energy body starts auto cleaning itself. Whether you do some specific meditation for that or not, but meditation is meant to clean your system. And so this state will do that. Whether you reach this state for a few minutes or a full hour, some or the other shift happens. When the energy body is cleaned some minute blocks will be cleared. This will happen every time you reach this state.

Advantages of each state -

Shallow Meditative state -

Shallow Meditative state will help you to remove any states of negative emotions that you might have experienced during the day. This will also help to regulate the pressure by 10-20% daily. Do it regularly to make these changes permanent. This state will also help to clear some part of your aura. If not making it supra clean, it can still brighten it up a bit. Helping you not to attract troublesome situations.

General Meditative State -

General Meditative state helps to regulate pressure by 30-40%. You will have a relaxed mind set for a couple of hours after you are out of this state. This state when attained atleast twice or thrice a day can help to cure depression and stay away from stress and anxiety symptoms. The benefits will be immediately visible, and can become solid after 4-6mths of meditation practice.

Deep Meditative state -

Deep Meditative state will help you to heal any acute illness that's inside your body. Yes two to three days will be needed for that acute illness to be completely out of your body.

For chronic illnesses, this meditation can lessen the symptoms by 40-60%. Also can help you to bring your pressure under control after 4-6 months of continuously attaining this state. It can heal pains completely within just one session, if some pain remains then follow-up session on the same day, or next day will heal it.

Very Deep Meditative State -

This state can bring magical and drastic results in anything you want to bring in your life. This state will help to strengthen your immunity. It will help you to balance your chakras, and keep your aura cover clean and healthy.

This state will also help you to remove or wear away any unwanted attachments to your aura. This state can help to heal your mind, body and soul. Ofcourse for serious illnesses don't just depend on meditation. Take 2-3 modes together to get quicker healing.

Ultimate Meditative State -

This is a master state, this state can clean mental and emotional blocks. It will help you to clear off pains and aches in your body with just one swish. It can help you to clear off heavy negative energy within just one experience, when you allow this state to 'be' for 10-15mins.

And the major benefits of this state is it is the initial state for Kundalini Awakening.

This state can help to heal fears, phobias, lack of confiedence and issues with self esteem. This state will help to clear off your negative karmic pattern/s one by one or a few in one sitting. Ofcourse to keep the results permanent you need to bring a shift in yourself too. Just meditation cannot do the trick. If you return back to your same old thought patterns & lifestyle that are not healthy, your results wont stay for long.

Disclaimer - Though I have mentioned several healing benefits of meditation, I cannot guarantee the exact results. As we all are different. And healing of any diseases depends on individual Karmas & Learning for life. Please consult your Certified Health Practitioner or Registered Medicinal Practitioner for health and disease related issues.

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