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Principles of meditation

So you're here searching about the basic principles of meditation, so that you know that you are doing it right. You must be a beginner or a meditation aspirant. If you are an advanced meditator I would like you to suggest additions to this post in comments below. Also if you are a newbie then you can post your questions about meditation in comments.

So let's begin, meditation is your thing by now and you want to know everything from A - Z about meditation, so that you are assured that you are doing it right.

Principles of meditation -

Sitting Steady -

Sitting steady is MOST crucial thing during meditation. Your mind is an energy element that's connected to your body. And to make your mind still, your body has to first become steady. So whether you are a beginner or advanced meditator you need to be steady for the entire session of meditation.

And by steady I mean total Steadiness. You dont have to move your hands or feet or head. You cannot scratch, open your eyes, adjust your body once you are into your meditation session.

Make sure you don't have any bugs or flies or mosquitoes. Sort that issue before getting into meditation. Then later on you cannot complain that "its because of them...." that you had to move or scratch. Also know this insects and people bugging you at the time of meditation, is also because of a block/belief inside you. Not everyone is disturbed by people or situations or insects during meditation though they might be open to such possibilities.

Still body helps in making the mind still. And thoughts will decrease when mind gets slow or still.

Relaxing -

Sitting for meditation is important, and also to sit in a relaxed way is important. Yes you have seen pics of sages sitting with erect back, but that doesn't mean that they are not-relaxed. Sitting in a relaxed manner is very important. Especially if you plan to go deeper and prolong your meditation time in future, you need to keep your body relaxed. You need to be relaxed with a straight back.

And adjust yourself before you begin, no shifting or moving during meditation. Make sure you are seated in a way where you will be fine for next 20-30mins without moving.

You need not sit on a recliner or lie down. Try to be seated in the most comfortable position, and just let go that control over your body. You are not living because you have control over your body. You are living because God is making you survive. (if you'd like to join my Prayer Power course, related to connection with God then go here)

To relax you just need to loosen up your joints and muscles. And your body will begin to relax automatically.
Focus on breath -

So now you are sitting steady and are also relaxed, what's the next thing you need to do? You need to keep a focus on your breath. Breath is the key, its going to take you to great spiritual depths and amazing experiences.

It sounds quite simple right?

But, here too you will need to master this. Breath focus is easy, but to constantly keep focusing on it without moving your attention here and there is important. And this is what you have to master. And how to master? Well simple by watching on your breath. When you keep on practicing this again and again, your focus will get stronger. You dont have to alter your breath. You just have to watch it. It may be slow, it maybe shallow whatever it is dont try to make it normal. You just need to watch it. When you observe it without judging it, it will automatically get into normal mode.

Hand Position -

Hand positions are equally important during meditation. You may start by simply placing your hands palms down on your knees or palms facing upwards towards the sky. Mudra's that you form by your hands play a huge role in your meditation practice. Mudra's help you to connect to the spiritual world, and different aspects of it.

Also you can form Gyan Mudra, or Aakash Mudra. Check here for details here. Also cosmic mudra is also good if you are comfortable with it.

Which mudra is best and which mudra gives lesser effect?  Well in spiritual world there is nothing more or less, everything has its own importance. And so every mudra is equally important. The one which you feel like doing, is the right one for you for that moment!

Sitting Position -

Meditation is mostly done in a sitting position, and so the way you sit is important. To sit in a place that's not going to be disturbed for next n number of minutes you are going to practice, is important. And so try to figure out where you gonna place your butt.

And how to sit? you might again ask this. As you see a number of different positions by people everywhere. There are different sitting positions like -

- Lotus position

- Squat flat on floor

- Sit on chair

- Sit with a pillow below your back.

- Sit with special meditation equipment

What type of seat you choose to sit, also decides how deep you'll be able to go. So try to find a lovely, not so cozy seat where no one will disturb you, which has less noise(I cant say 'no' noise, there's isn't any place in this world like that  ) and where you feel pleasant. A place you love in short.

Become an Observer -

So its a phenomenon that you need to experience. Meditation is not a compulsory strict practice where you try to catch hold of your mind and ask it to shuuushhh. Mind is of air element and it will need a little time to become quiet, after you begin your meditation. Sometimes the time to quieten your mind might take more time, sometimes it will happen in a snap.

When you close your eyes and focus on your breath, your mind will start popping thoughts one by one. And your job is not to run after or run away from those thoughts. Your job is to just focus on your breath. If thought pops up, then just watch it dont chase it. It will go away. What comes in has to go out. If one goes, another one might pop up soon after the first one left. So what to do now? nothing you were concentrating on your breath right? so keep doing it.

When you continue focusing on your breath despite of your mind making attempts of reminding you with different thoughts, slowly mind will get bored and will stop giving new thoughts.

Attention in between the Brows -

Keep your attention in between your brows. I mean see in between your brows with your minds eye. Is it too much or difficult? Well yes it will seem like that in the beginning darling. But when you keep trying, you will be able to master it.

Its important to do this, as this will help you in developing your intuition. You will be able to use your 3rd eye chakra for getting guidance and directions.
Tongue up -

Tongue needs to touch the top palette of your mouth. This will help you in focusing and remembering that you are meditating when you are deep into a session. Sometimes while in meditation you might get confused what's happening when you see your mind getting totally still. And so this position helps you to make you aware about what you are doing currently.

Also it helps to build awareness and expand it during meditation.

Discard all leather clothing or accessories -

This is very very important. You should NEVER meditate with leather on. This is to assure that you go deep into meditation and get cosmic energy shower while into depths of meditation.

Animal products and leather absorb cosmic energy. And act as energy leaks. You will not be able to enjoy the full abundant energy that's getting showered upon you. So keep away that belt, wallet, shoes, oh yes don't sit on leather sofa's, and anything that has leather in your clothing or accessories.

Sit on an Aasana, and not directly on bare ground -

(Aasana is a special mat that's meant for sitting)

Meditation needs to be done sitting on something. It can be a mattress, an aasana, or chair. If you sit on a chair make sure you don't lay your legs bare on floor. Ground or floor acts like grounding energy resource. And will absorb all energy that you are receiving during meditation.

You are meditating so that you receive the abundant energies to make you abundant. And expand your awareness, you are not doing it just to put it into the earth. Earth can absorb its own energy. So better sit upon something.

Its necessary that you follow all of these principles, if you want to gain mastery in meditation. As a beginner to do all of these might sound difficult. But remember your mind is super quick at thoughts, and to keep it occupied you will need to do all of this. You are new to meditation, but very well accustomed with thinking. You've been thinking all these years. And so you need to follow these steps to help tame your mind. Mind cannot be actually controlled, you can just direct its energy to right place.

To slow down your mind you need to tell your mind what it needs to do. Be steady, focus on 3rd eye etc. If you dont give instructions, then it will run in 1000 different directions during the sitting and you will have no meditative feeling.

These principles are not just meant to bring your mind under control, but to bring your mind and body under control is a huge step. When mind and body are under control and disciplined you are under control of your mind, body and soul. And with this self control you can go to great heights of spirituality.

Spiritual world is vast, mighty and infinite. So for you to be a healthy spiritual aspirant you need to discipline your your body. Coz its the finite body that's going to help you go explore the infinite spiritual world.

Structures that are random, irregular and shapeless can be disrupted or shaken easily. But systematic and disciplined blocks stay strong and are difficult to be moved.

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