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How to Meditate Daily

How to Meditate Daily?

With all the benefits of Meditation in mind, you also have heard meditating regularly also is a MUST and you can gain benefits only if you do it regularly. But I have heard lot of people complaining to me that they are not able to make meditation a regular daily practice. You so much want to meditate, but God only knows what's stopping you from doing it regularly!

So let's get into it, we need to decipher this entire topic to help you to meditate regularly.
First of all, why you are not able to meditate daily?

When you get some results for what you are doing, you always feel like doing it more and always improve yourself about doing it better. So if you are not able to do meditation regularly, it concludes that you are not getting any results. Which is making you just put-up the practice or procrastinate endlessly. So these three things must be happening to you...

No Great Experiences - You are not getting any great experiences during meditation as you might have heard people sharing their amazing spiritual experiences. So you don't feel like doing it, because if you get benefits out of doing something, you are surely going to do it.

You don't feel like meditating - You love to meditate, and you also might be wanting to sit for meditation daily. But whenever you sit for meditation, you just don't feel right. Or you dont feel like doing meditation though you have decided. Again because you have not gained any great experience, so you doubt whether sitting regularly would ever bring someting of worth for you. You also feel that you might just not be made for meditating!

You're not getting any benefits of Meditation - You are not getting any benefits from meditation. Though you are meditating, maybe not regularly. Or maybe you started off meditating regularly but you stopped doing it, as you didn't see any results coming. Either way, you dont see any benefits coming your way. And experts say you gain benefits once you make it your habit and do it regularly!

How to get results, for your Meditation practice?

Here's the Cheat sheet about how you can get results for your meditation practice. Its pretty simple, and astonoshing how you can follow just a few steps to make meditation a habit. You'll just get addicted to Meditation.

Great Experience - When you experience things like. Wind blowing in a dramatic way during your meditation, a small whiff of air, something on you(your clothes, hair etc) moves though you are super steady, you hear outer sounds synced with some internal meditation experience, it can be thoughts/feelings/image flashes/ hunches etc even for a fraction of a second. Though these experiences don't show anything "highly divine", still something is happening. You are sitting still and things keep happening in a magical way! Isn't that something GREAT. Does that happen when you are in normal day-to-day awake state?

Good Feeling - When you feel good, during and after meditation practice. Though you don't have a mind blowing story to share. When you feel good with yourself, though situations around you may not be great, when you start feeling great and contented despite being a failure at many areas in your life. All these are considered as "Great achievements" according to Yogi's.

As when you start being happy with life the way it is, its from there that you start your journey for success.

Get benefits - When you start feeling relaxed with a little 10-min meditation practice, when you get less angry, when you don't give a negative reaction, you cry less, you laugh more, you talk sensible, you stay quiet to avoid conflicts, you stay healthier during epidemics, you have more stamina then people around you all these and many more are benefits of Meditation. That you might not consider huge, but they are GREAT. And show that you are successfully doing it!

Happy! Now let's dive into how to make meditation your daily practice. The above stuff already shifts a few major doubts inside your mind related to meditation. And I am sure you are not ready to get started for a regular practice. So here's a few points that you need to keep in mind, so that you get started for good!

Make up your mind that you are going to meditate.

Make up your mind now, don't sit and read this dreamily. Common lift your butt, go and get that pen and paper that's staring at you -waiting to be lifted. Lazily sitting and procrastinating doesn't suit Yogi's. And now jot down..

And once you have jotted down, you need to really put your foot down, and sit for meditation. No matter what. There will be times when you will totally feel like not doing meditation. That's the time when you need to meditate the most.

Regular practices always adds up in your account. So you are assured that your practice is not vague!

- Whether you get any great expreience, mediocre experience or no experience at all. All the practices still are counted in your spiritual account.

- Whether you get any great experience or not, the regular practice still adds a +1 to your spiritual account. You might have heard the fact that a bamboo tree doesnt grow until six months. Why? because its making its roots solid underneath. So whether anything is showing up on surface or not, something is surely happening beneath. And a steady meditation practice as a beginner, despite of not having any experiences will help you go a long way. And yes let me add. Every great Siddha Yogi started off like that!!   Why were they able to do it regularly? Coz they had a Guru to scold them/pull ears to make them do it.

Don't let your mood/ feelings/ mentality or fatigue decide whether you want to meditate or not -

Your monkey mind will bring a 1000 reasons why you shouldn't meditate, and why you can always let go 'only this time'. And then that becomes a regular practice! meditation is chucked off and the silly Lazy butt then jokes about it/ complains about it.

So in short meditation is needed to be done daily! If you are tired try to sit on recliner and meditate. You dont always need to sit erect to meditate.

Certain mis-belief's that may lead to an irregular Meditation practice

1. Meditation happens Magically

2. Meditation doesn't happen magically to everyone

3. Meditation should always brings great spiritual experiences.

4. If you think during meditation, its not meditation.

5. If you fall asleep, then its Sleep not Meditation.

6. If you didn't concentrate, then you are fooling yourself.

These are the most common, also there are a few more that will just pop out of no-where but pull you down and get demotivated about Meditation. Remember I told you its your monkey mind that keeps you from doing it. Why? Check here>>

So that's all from me, for now. I will get back next week again with another Interesting topic that you'd love to read. And yes if you have any doubts, questions, feedback about this topic do drop in your comments below. I get a lot of people like you mailing me or inboxing me their discussions about any topic I post on my site. But that will keep people away from a great discussion that might add to the value of this article.... So don't shy out, and drop in your thoughts below!