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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

What is EGO?

What is Ego? why does everyone just keep talking about it every now and then? haven’t you wondered? I never wanted to learn about it, coz I felt I don’t have ego problem. But every human is born with an Ego, and so you need to know about it.
Ego Definition – The voice inside your head that gives you directions to make your life safe. Its there to connect your soul to your body. And will always think about your safety, security and survival. So if you are endangered then you will get signs that are negative and fearful.

Ego is actually gives to you for your good. Which most people don’t know. It is also called Monkey mind.

Why everyone has an Ego?

Ego is the entity that is fake and exists inside your mind. And this ego is actually made for your own good.

Your soul when gets into a human body, is not aware about the good and bad that exist in this world. And so you would be vulnerable and open to get attacked by the ill’s of this world.

Wouldn’t you attract only good if you didnt have ego, then why the hell was ego given to you?

You might think that if a person is not born with an ego then there would be no critical thoughts and thus you wont be attracting anything that’s bad for you through Law of Attraction.

But life doesn’t work that way.

Everybody is born with certain lessons to learn that that lessons ain’t be rolling out positively. And so there would be negative situations in your life that will teach you to be positive. And so you need to be given an ego that will help you to first to towards your lessons through LOA.
Also children when young don’t know what’s good and bad for them, when they learn good and bad through their experiences; those experiences are stored in their mind which later on become emotional triggers for them to take decisions for their life. So your ego is not given you for your ill, its for your own good.

When can you label a person as EGOISTIC?

The label egoistic is quite tricky, and I myself misunderstood it for quite a lot of years of my life. But when I really learnt what ego is, I was actually spellbound about how true it was.

Ego is the little voice inside you that either inflates you and makes you proud of something that’s not too impressive about you or what you’ve done, and also ego is the same voice inside you that tells you all down and depressing things about yourself when you are not feeling right.

So when you do good and you hear thoughts inside you….

…. That you are too great, and there’s no one who could do the job better then you, then its ego

…… That you are incomparable/ non-replaceable and there will never ever be anyone better then you available to people/ world

……that you are very divine/ better/ spiritual and there are other’s out there who need to respect you (this is usually the voice of ego for the spiritual seekers, be careful)

And on the other side when you are down and depressed, then its your ego that tells you….

…….that you are shameful, disgusting and a looser. You don’t deserve to be at that job/ place/ world

…………..That cannot do it, you are not talented enough to do that

……………..that you cannot get that person/ partner, because you are ugly, obese, not attractive etc.

Did this post strike a cord inside you?

Well I have written this post just to educate you on this topic, so that you too know when your ego is clouding your mentality.

I didn’t know what’s an ego for quite many years, and kept thinking that people only who think too much about themselves are egoistic.

What is Ego Death?
Ego Death is when the ego dies inside the person, this is a noteworthy phenomenon in a human’s life. The state when you no longer have the negative voice inside you that keeps scaring you and warning is no more and you are open to think broadly, and freely without any limitations.
This state is the highest state that a human can reach. It can be achieved once all your chakras are opened by your kundalini.

How you can reach an ego-less state?

Reaching the ego-less state is ofcourse every human’s desire. You would love to live a life when you are no longer guilty, scared of societal criticism, and being fearless of one’s own fears.
This state can be reached by you by following the path of yoga and kundalini awakening. Not just the postures but following the eight fold path suggested by patanjali.
Yogi’s are the one’s who become ego-less and enjoy the most of their stay on this planet because they don’t have any limitations and setbacks.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Should you abstain from Sex totally while on your spiritual path?

Should you abstain from Sex totally while on your spiritual path?

This is a major question that comes in mind of every aspirant while beginning the spiritual path or while they are already into it. And because of this there are a major number of people that never get into spirituality thinking they would need to become sage-like, and turn their heads away when a person of opposite sex walks in.

Well what I feel is true, Im gonna share here. This might not be the only true path, as observing total celibacy on spiritual path is also a very powerful way and I cannot deny it. But that’s not what I would like to follow, as at many places its been stated that to get total control over your sexual energy is nearly impossible. Lord Shiva also once got lured by an ordinary woman. And when Lord Shiva being the super powerful being that he is, can get carried away by his sexual desire for a second then you cannot expect anything far from it to not happen with your self.

Why God created SEX?

Sex is a method of reproduction. Which obviously you know. And God made it so that creation process of new beings continue to happen on this planet. It can be reproduction of plants, animals as well as humans.

All humans have sexual drive whether you are straight, gay or lesbian or whatever. I dont mean to disrespect what you are, I just mean to say that its NORMAL to have a sexual drive being a human.

What is then BAD about Sex?

Sex is a powerful force that’s within your body. And believe it or not, you cannot deny it that major decisions of your life you make are based on your sexual drive.

So if you are at good terms with your sexuality, then your life would be a good one. But if you are uncomfortable with your sexuality, then you will have great difficulty dealing with yourself and your emotions. As your sexual drive is going to bug you all the time and you will feel miserable because its the energy inside you. And you are helplessly trying to get rid of it.

What’s bad about sex is, when you don’t know how to get out of the thoughts of it. And actually make your life meaningful. Sexual drive is like driving people crazy. And in today’s world where there are lots of chemicals in food which is making people more aggressive with their emotions. Same thing is also affecting sexual drive.

Kids that were reaching puberty level after 13 to 15yrs before a few decades, are now maturing in their 10’s and 12’s. What you did not understand about sex and sexual drive at a certain age, kids of that age might be a lot more educated then you around that topic.

When you don’t know how to take your attention off from sexual thoughts is what’s bad. And you bet this is a major issue a lot of people face. But they cannot share with anyone as sex is considered taboo topic at certain places of this world. Or they fear ‘not to appear’ a sex-o-holic to others.

I get a lot of queries on this, and so that’s one reason why I created this post.

The veil of Maya is always misleading –

The veil of Maya means the physical world of 5 elements and 5 senses that you live in is misleading. Whatever you see is false, as its not the truth. And whatever you consider as false is the truth sometimes. But whatever you see maynot always be false, and whatever you cannot see cannot be always true. I know with this statement I confused you totally. But its a truth!

The physical world always differentiates everything into two categories. Good and Bad, High and Low, big and small, lesser and greater etc.

The reason behind that is that you are still under the influence of Maya and see everything from a contracted awareness point of view. This way when you see things it will appear narrow, small and frightening.

When you get out of this cycle of Maya. Its then that you are able to see the real truth behind the scenes. Then you will no longer see bad in anything that’s considered bad in the world. And neither you will find anything appealing in the things that are considered as good in the material world. This is called expanded awareness. And when you raise your awareness from physical reality(Root Chakra) to beyond the 5 basic elements(to sixth chakra) then your awareness will be able to perceive real truth.

Maya is referred to as Goddess in Vedas and is said to be the most trickiest to deal with. It has lured great Yogi’s of all time. And so an ordinary human who just is mesmerized by Maya cannot actually even think about the term Maya. Maya reveals itself when you cross your six chakras. 6th Chakra is where you are able to view the entire drama of the Maya as a spectator. Maya cannot defy you, yet you have to work towards keeping you free from her.

Until then you just keep on making an vague attempt to defy the Maya. But that vague attempts always lead you to the right path. There are several paths that are totally false, created just by Maya as an illusion that gives man a feeling that its truth. Walking on that path just leads to getting more and more tangled into the reigns of Maya.

But as we say if you truly and deeply follow even a false path, then truth will always hold your hand and lead you to the right way.

There is actually a very thin line between being slayed by Maya and stepping off the cloud and getting into the space and watching the entire drama. And that little difference is just a ‘thin-line’. This line is like the edge of a blade. Its very tricky to stay balanced and keep seeing the play. Rather then falling into the pit and being a part of the play.

But when you cross all 6 chakras you can very well be called as the master of Maya. Not exactly a Master, but yes third eye opening brings you all the knowledge of the entire universe and so you know everything about Maya. And other truths in life.

Here too there are chances for you to slip away into Maya despite of knowing it, because you are still in a physical body which is a creation of Maya. But again being aware about Maya and stepping aside the Drama is easy comparatively.

What’s the best Practice?

So when you know all this, the Good and Bad about the Sexual energy. The question arises that what is considered as the best practice so as to become a winner in the physical world as well as spiritual world.

Sex isn’t bad, but getting carried away by sexual feelings and thoughts and dwelling forever in sex is bad. Bad in the sense it just wastes your time. Your existance on this planet is for a limited time and people just waste their time here being obsessed about sex. Youth is the best time to bring something creative into the world. But the majority of youth ends up giving only a creation ‘offspring’ to the world.

And so your aim should be to accept that energy but not unendingly relish on its desire and thoughts. If you are in a young body sexual energy is active and the most powerful but you are not just born so that you can keep on having enjoyment that sex brings. If that was what you had to do then God would have given you an endless supply of partners or one permenent partner that would never leave you. But certainly that’s not the truth. Breakups, divorces are a common theme and keep happening on daily basis.

Lord Krishna has said in the Bhagwad Geeta, that the person who balances his sansaari life as well as practices Yoga and does Karma without being attached to the outcome. Is the person that’s most dear to me, and I give him the quickest and shortest spiritual path. Sansaari life is the life of a common man where he lives in the society(does not abandon it) stays amongst the other humans, does his duties towards his family, produces kids and not endlessly controls his sexual drive, does work that brings a positive change in the world and at the same time is not attached to all of these and practices yoga too, to attain me. I make his path easiest and shortest because he is not neglecting the World that I created with so much Love.
Types of sexual awareness –

Saatvik Awareness – To accept your sexual energy as a mode of reproduction to bring a beautiful soul into the world is the bestest awareness, by which you can be a great success in this world & spiritual world.

Rajasic Awareness – Next is to accept sex as mode of reproduction as well as mode of enjoyment or releasing of emotions. This too isn’t bad, but its not that good either. If you don’t have a partner or a partner who doesn’t share the same belief, then you will mess up your energy and get frustrated. This is the major reason why today’s generation is going through major depression and misery. As sex as enjoyment is considered a norm. But not everyone who believes in this gets a partner to fulfil this desire or a partner who shares this belief.

[Again who created this belief? Maya!! Tadaa…. Bringer of suffering. Why? Will discuss in next post. Stay tuned]

Tamasic Awareness – And the last kind of awareness that’s the most delusive and brings the most suffering. Its the belief that sex is given to us as a gift so that you bring pleasure into your life. You are born only to have sex and enjoy its pleasure. Sex is a tool for enjoyment and relief.

Now though sex brings temporary relief as release of emotions is true, but having sex cannot bring realisation of Maya. And so it brings suffering.

But whatever is your awareness about sex, Maya still has a way to block you from raising your awareness. As well as has ways to lure you into a path to reveal itself to you.

Friday, 1 March 2019

How is Love different then Maya?

How is Love different then Maya? Love and Maya are usually mistakenly used, taking both of them as synonyms. But that’s not true. Maya is not Love and Love is not at all Maya. And living in India the Maya word is hugely used. And most of the time in place of Love. Love is just far far away from the meaning of the word Maya.

What is Love?

Love is when you are happy unconditionally & non-judgementally. Whether you have or don’t have someone you love closeby. Love is accepting whatever there is, rather then expecting it to be something you like it to be.

Love is ALWAYS Unconditional & Non-Judgemental. Unconditional, when you don’t place any conditions before accepting any person, place or thing. You fall in Love, you never expect that the person should Love you back like you want them to do. That’s Love. You pet an animal, but the animal doesn’t get trained the way you want them to behave, and you still love & cuddle them; that’s Love. You Love a place and accept it the way it is, that’s Love.

Love always gives happiness, sets you free and gives you immense joy. It will never bind you.

Sign’s of Love – Happiness without expectation, letting-go, forgiveness, gratitude
What is Maya?

Maya is totally opposite of Love, and the ONLY reason for suffering on this planet. Maya is where there is no Love at all. If you don’t know the meaning of Love then mistakenly you will always act out of Maya. And think it to be love, and keep suffering in your life.

Maya will make you suffer, cry with pain, have trememdously swinging emotional and mental cycles. Maya is considered as Goddess according to Indian Mythology. Maya is a goddess that’s very difficult to conquer, because you never know when Maya start’s charming you. Maya can lure you into her captivity by lust, greed, obsessions. You will badly want someone/ something then. Then it gives you fears, insecurities, low-esteem regarding what you just got, about losing them/it. Simple yet terrific play of Maya. When you try to not to get into Maya’s illusion, it draws you into her charm from the unattached path that you have chosen. And when you get lured by it, then it makes you realise, you just got fooled by her again.

Sign’s of Maya – Conditional, judgemental, unwanted attachment, to people beings, things, situations, that brings only suffering.
Does Love bring suffering?

NEVER. Love can never bring suffering. Lack of understanding about what Love is brings suffering. As you always take Maya to be Love and then get hurt when you are not able to attain what you have aimed at.

Attaching to things, people, situations brings suffering. Obviously you have never cried over incidents that brought happiness to you. You always cry over incidents that brought pain for you. You never cry over people who care about you. You always cry over people whom you expected, should take care of you. You never cry when you have everything that you want, you always cry when you don’t have something that you eagerly want.

Does Maya bring happiness?

Maya brings more ego satisfaction then happiness. You may feel inflated, proud and top of the world. These are extremely uplifting feelings, but they also bring with them the fear of feeling opposite of these emotions.

No Love for people to whom you are attached brings happiness.
Why does maya bring suffering?

Maya is an illusion. And this entire world is an illusion. For a soul that’s a divine fragment of God there needs to be something with him that will help him connect to the illusionary world. And that connection is brought about by the ego.

A soul enter’s a human body, to grow and evolve. And that he cannot do unless he is born in this world with a body. Wandering spirits are indefinitely trapped in this world, and keep wandering indefinitely, and cannot grow and get liberation.

How to Live out of Love rather then being a puppet of Maya?

Choose heart over head. Choose to listen to your heart. Why? because heart is said to be the seat of your soul. And soul is always aware about the infinite. To be aware of infinite is what can relieve you from the wrath of the finite.

Ego is the voice in your head that is commanding, scary, pulls you down or inflates you. And always keeps you scared and on your toes. Listening to your ego will never bring peace to your mind.

The voice of your heart is always gentle and gratifying. The voice of your heart is always something that will put a smile on your face. Unlike ego that might put a devilish grin or laughter. Such laughter you might have noticed brings pain later on. Whereas real joy that comes from the heart can never get converted into tears after some time.

To read more about how to differentiate between voice of the Head and voice of the Heart, read this.

Friday, 1 February 2019

How to Meditate?

If you have read about the benefits of Meditation, then surely you will want to meditate. Not just ordinary meditation, but you'll want to experience real meditation. Which ofcourse you can experience only when you are doing it through an expert.

When I learnt about Meditation I just wanted to begin meditating. As I heard that it can help in depression, it can help lower High BP, it can also help to regulate Low BP, and several other magic like claims that Id read on a blog somewhere.

This made me very sure that Meditation was something I wanted to learn asap. Also I read it can be done on music. Then I got myself some movie instrumentals(LOL) but thanks a lot to God that I didn't meditate on those movie instrumentals. As that would be a complete disaster.

So the question then still remains, how to meditate?

To know, How to meditate? you first need to know what is Meditation?

So here goes my definition of Meditation that I felt from my own experiences of it. So Meditation can be termed as a state of being, where your awareness expands and you are able to be more of yourself. You raise your limits and go beyond your boundaries.

Its also termed as conscious sleep, whereas sleep is unconscious meditation. This might make you wonder then why dont you get all those benefits with sleep itself? Well you are consciously not intending to meditate, while you are sleeping. And so when there is no conscious effort the divine shakti doesn't get triggered. Yes few people also have given instances where they had total meditation like experiences during their sleep! That's total miracle, and God's will. You may not expect the same thing to happen to you. As it may or may not happen at all.

Now let's move on to, how to meditate?

So there are a few steps to Meditation.

Prepare yourself, you need to prepare yourself Mentally, Physically and Emotionally for Meditation.

Mentally - Know this that you "have to" Meditate daily, no matter what. Dont let your mind make any excuses while your time for meditation comes.

Physically - Choose a nice place as your Meditative space, wear comfortable Breathable clothes, sit with straight back yet comfortably. And let yourself, just relax and go deep.

Emotionally - Whatever you feel good or bad, you need to condition yourself to sit for meditation. As meditation will help you to feel good if you are feeling bad or low. And will help you to maintain the goodness if you are feeling good.

What if you don't have any course or any guided meditation?

If you don't have any guided meditation or a course where you can go and perform meditation practice. Then you can find some awesome online meditation resources that are available. Check Here.

There is also a simple and powerful way that can help you to meditate well. This will work if you are normal and dont have any health or mental issues. Anybody having psychological issues shouldn't practice this method.
Meditation on your Breath -

Your breath is your Master, it makes you live. It has all the power over your health. It can either give you immense strength or make you totally weak. Breath is what drives Prana energy into your body that keeps you alive.

To meditate on Breath is very simple, and the most powerful tool to meditate.

Technique - Sit comfortably with a straight back, make sure you are not going to be disturbed for the next few minutes till you meditate.

Then slowly begin to concentrate on your breath. You will notice that it feels easy to concentrate on breath when you either on the muscles around the respiratory system. Like the mose or chest or stomach. Try to focus on those muscles.

If you find your concentration going away from breath, don't be harsh at yourself. Be good to yourself. Again bring back your focus on your breath.

This is it, simple yet one of the most powerful meditations that any other master may reveal to you!

Practice it and share your experience in comments below. Welcome to the world of Meditation!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

How to Concentrate during meditation?

Meditation is the true self-enhancer, known since past many ages. Its considered one-stop solution for several problems in your life. It has over a 1000+ benefits that we know of. And a million other benefits, that we are yet to discover. So this description is enough to set you on fire, to begin Meditating. But wait something stops you. You may either not know how to meditate or you may not be able to concentrate during meditation.

If you are the first typo then go here. And the second category peeps join me here itself, keep reading. Meditation is known to help you with several issues of life. And once you begin to master it, it will help you to become a master!

Mastering Meditation will help you to regulate your breath, according to Natural Rhythm. Once this happens, one by one your chakras will begin to open. And once all your Chakras are opened, you are connected to the highest consciousness of God. Pure, Wise and Inconquerable!

Reading this is going to make you determined enough, that you want to meditate. And meditate like a Yogi!

But the biggest issue "How to Concentrate during meditation?"

Does this sound like you? then this is the big reason why you cannot concentrate during meditation. And these also may be reasons why you dont meditate regularly, or have stopped doing meditation at all.

You might feel guilty that even though you are sparing time for meditation, still you are just thinking about your spouse/lover, your career, finances, problems, issues troubling you, your health or paining back. Trying to make the world foolish that you are Deeply meditating? is that how you feel?

Well let me tell you, you are not the only one who feels it. There are many who feel this way, and today I am about to unveil some truths about Meditation that you are unaware of. And these truths will help you to make meditation a regular practice. First of all stop doing whatever you were doing. Silent your cellphone, close all tabs, and be right here in this post. Because if you digest this article, then you will be able to make meditation a regular practice. And have awesome concentration levels!

Wrong Belief's about Meditation -

These wrong belief's about Meditation are surely troubling you, and will make you go bonker's every time you think during meditation. Meditation myths that are stopping you from Meditating regularly....

These are a few of the beliefs that bug people, and believe me there might be people around you who might be judging you with these beliefs! How's that?!

Well I would like to tell you, meditation is not doing something. Like concentrating, or focusing. When you try to do that, you are actually going away from the idea of meditation. Meditation is BEING. Being what you are. And yes in the beginning there is required a bit of DOING. But all that just takes you towards a state where you no longer have to try to concentrate.

Also if you try to judge yourself from your Meditation experience that you experienced during a Group session or a Spiritual Retreat. Then let me tell you that those kind of set-ups usually bring an easy meditation experience. Because everything around you is so 'spiritual'. The talk and discussions that go around those retreats, the focus of the event is itself 'meditation', and at the same time the 'group meditation effect'. Even people with unstable of minds can concentrate during meditation retreats.

Quick Tips to get prepared -

I hope this motivates you enough so that you make up your mind to concentrate regularly. So let me give you three quick tips to help to concentrate better....

- Ask people around you. Your family & friends NOT to disturb you during your Meditation. No matter what.

- Turn off all cellphones, do all important work before meditation. So that you don't think about 'what you have to do yet'

- Make sure you have eaten something. If stomach is growling you won't be able to concentrate, and if you are too full you will fall asleep. So eat just right.

Apart from these points, there are also few more points you need to remember. To assure that your quality of meditation was good/better/great.

Signs that say, you have meditated well -

- Though you don't have any remarkable spiritual experience, if you wake up from your meditation fresh then it was a good session. It doesn't matter whether you were able to hear distant sounds or not. Whether you thought about a few things during that session. If your mind could stay bank even for a few moments, then too its great.

- When you have any body pains and they vanish after the meditation, though you never experienced any remarkable healing signs.

- You feel you just woke up from sleep, though you did'nt feel you were sleeping.

- Your mind is calm and doesn't want to think about anything that brings stress.

- Thinking about people who've done bad to you, doesn't give you negative thoughts and feelings.

These are the basic signs, there are more. If you have some signs that you would like to share please share in comments below.

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