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How to Concentrate during meditation?

Meditation is the true self-enhancer, known since past many ages. Its considered one-stop solution for several problems in your life. It has over a 1000+ benefits that we know of. And a million other benefits, that we are yet to discover. So this description is enough to set you on fire, to begin Meditating. But wait something stops you. You may either not know how to meditate or you may not be able to concentrate during meditation.

If you are the first typo then go here. And the second category peeps join me here itself, keep reading. Meditation is known to help you with several issues of life. And once you begin to master it, it will help you to become a master!

Mastering Meditation will help you to regulate your breath, according to Natural Rhythm. Once this happens, one by one your chakras will begin to open. And once all your Chakras are opened, you are connected to the highest consciousness of God. Pure, Wise and Inconquerable!

Reading this is going to make you determined enough, that you want to meditate. And meditate like a Yogi!

But the biggest issue "How to Concentrate during meditation?"

Does this sound like you? then this is the big reason why you cannot concentrate during meditation. And these also may be reasons why you dont meditate regularly, or have stopped doing meditation at all.

You might feel guilty that even though you are sparing time for meditation, still you are just thinking about your spouse/lover, your career, finances, problems, issues troubling you, your health or paining back. Trying to make the world foolish that you are Deeply meditating? is that how you feel?

Well let me tell you, you are not the only one who feels it. There are many who feel this way, and today I am about to unveil some truths about Meditation that you are unaware of. And these truths will help you to make meditation a regular practice. First of all stop doing whatever you were doing. Silent your cellphone, close all tabs, and be right here in this post. Because if you digest this article, then you will be able to make meditation a regular practice. And have awesome concentration levels!

Wrong Belief's about Meditation -

These wrong belief's about Meditation are surely troubling you, and will make you go bonker's every time you think during meditation. Meditation myths that are stopping you from Meditating regularly....

These are a few of the beliefs that bug people, and believe me there might be people around you who might be judging you with these beliefs! How's that?!

Well I would like to tell you, meditation is not doing something. Like concentrating, or focusing. When you try to do that, you are actually going away from the idea of meditation. Meditation is BEING. Being what you are. And yes in the beginning there is required a bit of DOING. But all that just takes you towards a state where you no longer have to try to concentrate.

Also if you try to judge yourself from your Meditation experience that you experienced during a Group session or a Spiritual Retreat. Then let me tell you that those kind of set-ups usually bring an easy meditation experience. Because everything around you is so 'spiritual'. The talk and discussions that go around those retreats, the focus of the event is itself 'meditation', and at the same time the 'group meditation effect'. Even people with unstable of minds can concentrate during meditation retreats.

Quick Tips to get prepared -

I hope this motivates you enough so that you make up your mind to concentrate regularly. So let me give you three quick tips to help to concentrate better....

- Ask people around you. Your family & friends NOT to disturb you during your Meditation. No matter what.

- Turn off all cellphones, do all important work before meditation. So that you don't think about 'what you have to do yet'

- Make sure you have eaten something. If stomach is growling you won't be able to concentrate, and if you are too full you will fall asleep. So eat just right.

Apart from these points, there are also few more points you need to remember. To assure that your quality of meditation was good/better/great.

Signs that say, you have meditated well -

- Though you don't have any remarkable spiritual experience, if you wake up from your meditation fresh then it was a good session. It doesn't matter whether you were able to hear distant sounds or not. Whether you thought about a few things during that session. If your mind could stay bank even for a few moments, then too its great.

- When you have any body pains and they vanish after the meditation, though you never experienced any remarkable healing signs.

- You feel you just woke up from sleep, though you did'nt feel you were sleeping.

- Your mind is calm and doesn't want to think about anything that brings stress.

- Thinking about people who've done bad to you, doesn't give you negative thoughts and feelings.

These are the basic signs, there are more. If you have some signs that you would like to share please share in comments below.

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