Friday, 1 February 2019

How to Meditate?

If you have read about the benefits of Meditation, then surely you will want to meditate. Not just ordinary meditation, but you'll want to experience real meditation. Which ofcourse you can experience only when you are doing it through an expert.

When I learnt about Meditation I just wanted to begin meditating. As I heard that it can help in depression, it can help lower High BP, it can also help to regulate Low BP, and several other magic like claims that Id read on a blog somewhere.

This made me very sure that Meditation was something I wanted to learn asap. Also I read it can be done on music. Then I got myself some movie instrumentals(LOL) but thanks a lot to God that I didn't meditate on those movie instrumentals. As that would be a complete disaster.

So the question then still remains, how to meditate?

To know, How to meditate? you first need to know what is Meditation?

So here goes my definition of Meditation that I felt from my own experiences of it. So Meditation can be termed as a state of being, where your awareness expands and you are able to be more of yourself. You raise your limits and go beyond your boundaries.

Its also termed as conscious sleep, whereas sleep is unconscious meditation. This might make you wonder then why dont you get all those benefits with sleep itself? Well you are consciously not intending to meditate, while you are sleeping. And so when there is no conscious effort the divine shakti doesn't get triggered. Yes few people also have given instances where they had total meditation like experiences during their sleep! That's total miracle, and God's will. You may not expect the same thing to happen to you. As it may or may not happen at all.

Now let's move on to, how to meditate?

So there are a few steps to Meditation.

Prepare yourself, you need to prepare yourself Mentally, Physically and Emotionally for Meditation.

Mentally - Know this that you "have to" Meditate daily, no matter what. Dont let your mind make any excuses while your time for meditation comes.

Physically - Choose a nice place as your Meditative space, wear comfortable Breathable clothes, sit with straight back yet comfortably. And let yourself, just relax and go deep.

Emotionally - Whatever you feel good or bad, you need to condition yourself to sit for meditation. As meditation will help you to feel good if you are feeling bad or low. And will help you to maintain the goodness if you are feeling good.

What if you don't have any course or any guided meditation?

If you don't have any guided meditation or a course where you can go and perform meditation practice. Then you can find some awesome online meditation resources that are available. Check Here.

There is also a simple and powerful way that can help you to meditate well. This will work if you are normal and dont have any health or mental issues. Anybody having psychological issues shouldn't practice this method.
Meditation on your Breath -

Your breath is your Master, it makes you live. It has all the power over your health. It can either give you immense strength or make you totally weak. Breath is what drives Prana energy into your body that keeps you alive.

To meditate on Breath is very simple, and the most powerful tool to meditate.

Technique - Sit comfortably with a straight back, make sure you are not going to be disturbed for the next few minutes till you meditate.

Then slowly begin to concentrate on your breath. You will notice that it feels easy to concentrate on breath when you either on the muscles around the respiratory system. Like the mose or chest or stomach. Try to focus on those muscles.

If you find your concentration going away from breath, don't be harsh at yourself. Be good to yourself. Again bring back your focus on your breath.

This is it, simple yet one of the most powerful meditations that any other master may reveal to you!

Practice it and share your experience in comments below. Welcome to the world of Meditation!