Friday, 1 March 2019

How is Love different then Maya?

How is Love different then Maya? Love and Maya are usually mistakenly used, taking both of them as synonyms. But that’s not true. Maya is not Love and Love is not at all Maya. And living in India the Maya word is hugely used. And most of the time in place of Love. Love is just far far away from the meaning of the word Maya.

What is Love?

Love is when you are happy unconditionally & non-judgementally. Whether you have or don’t have someone you love closeby. Love is accepting whatever there is, rather then expecting it to be something you like it to be.

Love is ALWAYS Unconditional & Non-Judgemental. Unconditional, when you don’t place any conditions before accepting any person, place or thing. You fall in Love, you never expect that the person should Love you back like you want them to do. That’s Love. You pet an animal, but the animal doesn’t get trained the way you want them to behave, and you still love & cuddle them; that’s Love. You Love a place and accept it the way it is, that’s Love.

Love always gives happiness, sets you free and gives you immense joy. It will never bind you.

Sign’s of Love – Happiness without expectation, letting-go, forgiveness, gratitude
What is Maya?

Maya is totally opposite of Love, and the ONLY reason for suffering on this planet. Maya is where there is no Love at all. If you don’t know the meaning of Love then mistakenly you will always act out of Maya. And think it to be love, and keep suffering in your life.

Maya will make you suffer, cry with pain, have trememdously swinging emotional and mental cycles. Maya is considered as Goddess according to Indian Mythology. Maya is a goddess that’s very difficult to conquer, because you never know when Maya start’s charming you. Maya can lure you into her captivity by lust, greed, obsessions. You will badly want someone/ something then. Then it gives you fears, insecurities, low-esteem regarding what you just got, about losing them/it. Simple yet terrific play of Maya. When you try to not to get into Maya’s illusion, it draws you into her charm from the unattached path that you have chosen. And when you get lured by it, then it makes you realise, you just got fooled by her again.

Sign’s of Maya – Conditional, judgemental, unwanted attachment, to people beings, things, situations, that brings only suffering.
Does Love bring suffering?

NEVER. Love can never bring suffering. Lack of understanding about what Love is brings suffering. As you always take Maya to be Love and then get hurt when you are not able to attain what you have aimed at.

Attaching to things, people, situations brings suffering. Obviously you have never cried over incidents that brought happiness to you. You always cry over incidents that brought pain for you. You never cry over people who care about you. You always cry over people whom you expected, should take care of you. You never cry when you have everything that you want, you always cry when you don’t have something that you eagerly want.

Does Maya bring happiness?

Maya brings more ego satisfaction then happiness. You may feel inflated, proud and top of the world. These are extremely uplifting feelings, but they also bring with them the fear of feeling opposite of these emotions.

No Love for people to whom you are attached brings happiness.
Why does maya bring suffering?

Maya is an illusion. And this entire world is an illusion. For a soul that’s a divine fragment of God there needs to be something with him that will help him connect to the illusionary world. And that connection is brought about by the ego.

A soul enter’s a human body, to grow and evolve. And that he cannot do unless he is born in this world with a body. Wandering spirits are indefinitely trapped in this world, and keep wandering indefinitely, and cannot grow and get liberation.

How to Live out of Love rather then being a puppet of Maya?

Choose heart over head. Choose to listen to your heart. Why? because heart is said to be the seat of your soul. And soul is always aware about the infinite. To be aware of infinite is what can relieve you from the wrath of the finite.

Ego is the voice in your head that is commanding, scary, pulls you down or inflates you. And always keeps you scared and on your toes. Listening to your ego will never bring peace to your mind.

The voice of your heart is always gentle and gratifying. The voice of your heart is always something that will put a smile on your face. Unlike ego that might put a devilish grin or laughter. Such laughter you might have noticed brings pain later on. Whereas real joy that comes from the heart can never get converted into tears after some time.

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