Monday, 1 April 2019

Should you abstain from Sex totally while on your spiritual path?

Should you abstain from Sex totally while on your spiritual path?

This is a major question that comes in mind of every aspirant while beginning the spiritual path or while they are already into it. And because of this there are a major number of people that never get into spirituality thinking they would need to become sage-like, and turn their heads away when a person of opposite sex walks in.

Well what I feel is true, Im gonna share here. This might not be the only true path, as observing total celibacy on spiritual path is also a very powerful way and I cannot deny it. But that’s not what I would like to follow, as at many places its been stated that to get total control over your sexual energy is nearly impossible. Lord Shiva also once got lured by an ordinary woman. And when Lord Shiva being the super powerful being that he is, can get carried away by his sexual desire for a second then you cannot expect anything far from it to not happen with your self.

Why God created SEX?

Sex is a method of reproduction. Which obviously you know. And God made it so that creation process of new beings continue to happen on this planet. It can be reproduction of plants, animals as well as humans.

All humans have sexual drive whether you are straight, gay or lesbian or whatever. I dont mean to disrespect what you are, I just mean to say that its NORMAL to have a sexual drive being a human.

What is then BAD about Sex?

Sex is a powerful force that’s within your body. And believe it or not, you cannot deny it that major decisions of your life you make are based on your sexual drive.

So if you are at good terms with your sexuality, then your life would be a good one. But if you are uncomfortable with your sexuality, then you will have great difficulty dealing with yourself and your emotions. As your sexual drive is going to bug you all the time and you will feel miserable because its the energy inside you. And you are helplessly trying to get rid of it.

What’s bad about sex is, when you don’t know how to get out of the thoughts of it. And actually make your life meaningful. Sexual drive is like driving people crazy. And in today’s world where there are lots of chemicals in food which is making people more aggressive with their emotions. Same thing is also affecting sexual drive.

Kids that were reaching puberty level after 13 to 15yrs before a few decades, are now maturing in their 10’s and 12’s. What you did not understand about sex and sexual drive at a certain age, kids of that age might be a lot more educated then you around that topic.

When you don’t know how to take your attention off from sexual thoughts is what’s bad. And you bet this is a major issue a lot of people face. But they cannot share with anyone as sex is considered taboo topic at certain places of this world. Or they fear ‘not to appear’ a sex-o-holic to others.

I get a lot of queries on this, and so that’s one reason why I created this post.

The veil of Maya is always misleading –

The veil of Maya means the physical world of 5 elements and 5 senses that you live in is misleading. Whatever you see is false, as its not the truth. And whatever you consider as false is the truth sometimes. But whatever you see maynot always be false, and whatever you cannot see cannot be always true. I know with this statement I confused you totally. But its a truth!

The physical world always differentiates everything into two categories. Good and Bad, High and Low, big and small, lesser and greater etc.

The reason behind that is that you are still under the influence of Maya and see everything from a contracted awareness point of view. This way when you see things it will appear narrow, small and frightening.

When you get out of this cycle of Maya. Its then that you are able to see the real truth behind the scenes. Then you will no longer see bad in anything that’s considered bad in the world. And neither you will find anything appealing in the things that are considered as good in the material world. This is called expanded awareness. And when you raise your awareness from physical reality(Root Chakra) to beyond the 5 basic elements(to sixth chakra) then your awareness will be able to perceive real truth.

Maya is referred to as Goddess in Vedas and is said to be the most trickiest to deal with. It has lured great Yogi’s of all time. And so an ordinary human who just is mesmerized by Maya cannot actually even think about the term Maya. Maya reveals itself when you cross your six chakras. 6th Chakra is where you are able to view the entire drama of the Maya as a spectator. Maya cannot defy you, yet you have to work towards keeping you free from her.

Until then you just keep on making an vague attempt to defy the Maya. But that vague attempts always lead you to the right path. There are several paths that are totally false, created just by Maya as an illusion that gives man a feeling that its truth. Walking on that path just leads to getting more and more tangled into the reigns of Maya.

But as we say if you truly and deeply follow even a false path, then truth will always hold your hand and lead you to the right way.

There is actually a very thin line between being slayed by Maya and stepping off the cloud and getting into the space and watching the entire drama. And that little difference is just a ‘thin-line’. This line is like the edge of a blade. Its very tricky to stay balanced and keep seeing the play. Rather then falling into the pit and being a part of the play.

But when you cross all 6 chakras you can very well be called as the master of Maya. Not exactly a Master, but yes third eye opening brings you all the knowledge of the entire universe and so you know everything about Maya. And other truths in life.

Here too there are chances for you to slip away into Maya despite of knowing it, because you are still in a physical body which is a creation of Maya. But again being aware about Maya and stepping aside the Drama is easy comparatively.

What’s the best Practice?

So when you know all this, the Good and Bad about the Sexual energy. The question arises that what is considered as the best practice so as to become a winner in the physical world as well as spiritual world.

Sex isn’t bad, but getting carried away by sexual feelings and thoughts and dwelling forever in sex is bad. Bad in the sense it just wastes your time. Your existance on this planet is for a limited time and people just waste their time here being obsessed about sex. Youth is the best time to bring something creative into the world. But the majority of youth ends up giving only a creation ‘offspring’ to the world.

And so your aim should be to accept that energy but not unendingly relish on its desire and thoughts. If you are in a young body sexual energy is active and the most powerful but you are not just born so that you can keep on having enjoyment that sex brings. If that was what you had to do then God would have given you an endless supply of partners or one permenent partner that would never leave you. But certainly that’s not the truth. Breakups, divorces are a common theme and keep happening on daily basis.

Lord Krishna has said in the Bhagwad Geeta, that the person who balances his sansaari life as well as practices Yoga and does Karma without being attached to the outcome. Is the person that’s most dear to me, and I give him the quickest and shortest spiritual path. Sansaari life is the life of a common man where he lives in the society(does not abandon it) stays amongst the other humans, does his duties towards his family, produces kids and not endlessly controls his sexual drive, does work that brings a positive change in the world and at the same time is not attached to all of these and practices yoga too, to attain me. I make his path easiest and shortest because he is not neglecting the World that I created with so much Love.
Types of sexual awareness –

Saatvik Awareness – To accept your sexual energy as a mode of reproduction to bring a beautiful soul into the world is the bestest awareness, by which you can be a great success in this world & spiritual world.

Rajasic Awareness – Next is to accept sex as mode of reproduction as well as mode of enjoyment or releasing of emotions. This too isn’t bad, but its not that good either. If you don’t have a partner or a partner who doesn’t share the same belief, then you will mess up your energy and get frustrated. This is the major reason why today’s generation is going through major depression and misery. As sex as enjoyment is considered a norm. But not everyone who believes in this gets a partner to fulfil this desire or a partner who shares this belief.

[Again who created this belief? Maya!! Tadaa…. Bringer of suffering. Why? Will discuss in next post. Stay tuned]

Tamasic Awareness – And the last kind of awareness that’s the most delusive and brings the most suffering. Its the belief that sex is given to us as a gift so that you bring pleasure into your life. You are born only to have sex and enjoy its pleasure. Sex is a tool for enjoyment and relief.

Now though sex brings temporary relief as release of emotions is true, but having sex cannot bring realisation of Maya. And so it brings suffering.

But whatever is your awareness about sex, Maya still has a way to block you from raising your awareness. As well as has ways to lure you into a path to reveal itself to you.