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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

What is EGO?

What is Ego? why does everyone just keep talking about it every now and then? haven’t you wondered? I never wanted to learn about it, coz I felt I don’t have ego problem. But every human is born with an Ego, and so you need to know about it.
Ego Definition – The voice inside your head that gives you directions to make your life safe. Its there to connect your soul to your body. And will always think about your safety, security and survival. So if you are endangered then you will get signs that are negative and fearful.

Ego is actually gives to you for your good. Which most people don’t know. It is also called Monkey mind.

Why everyone has an Ego?

Ego is the entity that is fake and exists inside your mind. And this ego is actually made for your own good.

Your soul when gets into a human body, is not aware about the good and bad that exist in this world. And so you would be vulnerable and open to get attacked by the ill’s of this world.

Wouldn’t you attract only good if you didnt have ego, then why the hell was ego given to you?

You might think that if a person is not born with an ego then there would be no critical thoughts and thus you wont be attracting anything that’s bad for you through Law of Attraction.

But life doesn’t work that way.

Everybody is born with certain lessons to learn that that lessons ain’t be rolling out positively. And so there would be negative situations in your life that will teach you to be positive. And so you need to be given an ego that will help you to first to towards your lessons through LOA.
Also children when young don’t know what’s good and bad for them, when they learn good and bad through their experiences; those experiences are stored in their mind which later on become emotional triggers for them to take decisions for their life. So your ego is not given you for your ill, its for your own good.

When can you label a person as EGOISTIC?

The label egoistic is quite tricky, and I myself misunderstood it for quite a lot of years of my life. But when I really learnt what ego is, I was actually spellbound about how true it was.

Ego is the little voice inside you that either inflates you and makes you proud of something that’s not too impressive about you or what you’ve done, and also ego is the same voice inside you that tells you all down and depressing things about yourself when you are not feeling right.

So when you do good and you hear thoughts inside you….

…. That you are too great, and there’s no one who could do the job better then you, then its ego

…… That you are incomparable/ non-replaceable and there will never ever be anyone better then you available to people/ world

……that you are very divine/ better/ spiritual and there are other’s out there who need to respect you (this is usually the voice of ego for the spiritual seekers, be careful)

And on the other side when you are down and depressed, then its your ego that tells you….

…….that you are shameful, disgusting and a looser. You don’t deserve to be at that job/ place/ world

…………..That cannot do it, you are not talented enough to do that

……………..that you cannot get that person/ partner, because you are ugly, obese, not attractive etc.

Did this post strike a cord inside you?

Well I have written this post just to educate you on this topic, so that you too know when your ego is clouding your mentality.

I didn’t know what’s an ego for quite many years, and kept thinking that people only who think too much about themselves are egoistic.

What is Ego Death?
Ego Death is when the ego dies inside the person, this is a noteworthy phenomenon in a human’s life. The state when you no longer have the negative voice inside you that keeps scaring you and warning is no more and you are open to think broadly, and freely without any limitations.
This state is the highest state that a human can reach. It can be achieved once all your chakras are opened by your kundalini.

How you can reach an ego-less state?

Reaching the ego-less state is ofcourse every human’s desire. You would love to live a life when you are no longer guilty, scared of societal criticism, and being fearless of one’s own fears.
This state can be reached by you by following the path of yoga and kundalini awakening. Not just the postures but following the eight fold path suggested by patanjali.
Yogi’s are the one’s who become ego-less and enjoy the most of their stay on this planet because they don’t have any limitations and setbacks.