Why do you need Soul Purification?
Well this is the first question that can come to mind when you read soul purification. Well that's because of the common logic that as your soul is God's fragment, why do you ever need to purify your soul.

That is the truth that your soul is the a part of God's soul. But when a soul takes several series of births, the soul looses its original lustre. The soul forget's the divine side of it, and attains a more materialistic gloomy fade. Which will rise to more negative qualities when it takes birth in a human body.

And this is the reason that the purification of the soul is essential. Soul Purification program helps you to clean all the debris that you have collected over the years. And helps you that you not let it form again, by guiding you to your soul path. Your soul path is what will help you to stop taking series of births and help you fulfil your purpose and go back home.

What this course can do for you?
This course is a comprehensive course on meditating and removing all debris from your energy body and your soul. And this course will include everything that is needed for cleansing your inner self. 

This course has many advantages, to list a few -
1. Soul Purification will help you to feel clean and pure
2. This sou purifying course will also help you to shed away all negativity, plus you will be given course materials that will help you to continue doing so after the course has completed.
3. This course helps you to release baggage that you might have been carrying from your past lives.
4. Karma is inevitable, but a part of this course encourages you to gather positive karma so that your life can be made better
5. This course will help direct you towards your Soul's Path, which will help you to stay on the right track as per what universe intended you to give birth on this planet. Which will make your life better and more interesting. 
These are few of the benefits of this course, a lot more to write here. And a million more benefits to discover on your own! :) 

What this course cannot do for you?
I am very much confident about this course, that it can bring a revolutionary change for you. But as we know nothing in this world is perfect. And so there are some limitations for this course as well. Just go through them...
1. This course cannot guarantee that you will stay a positive and noble human in future. I mean the course content is created keeping that in mind. But what you practice once you are out of this program, isn't under our control. 
2. Karma is inevitable. Cleansing emotional and mental debris helps you to feel cleaner. But if you have negative Karma left that will keep attracting negative situations, which you will need to deal with awareness.  Rather then just giving reaction to that situation, which might cause more negative karmic baggage until its paid off. 
3. All meditations and techniques will be intended for clearing away emotional and mental debris, but as you are a human and not a robot, the wear and tear will still happen in future. And regular practices are needed to be continued to maintain the purity for longer. 
4. A lot more to say, as every individual is unique. And so the most prominent one's are listed here. 

This is all about our signature course Soul Purification course, I hope this inspires you to undertake our course. Let us get together to make you more clean and pure. :) 

We try to maintain the standards and stay clean and pure ourselves, yet if there's anything you need to address please don't hesitate to mail us at priti@souls-purpose.net. It will help us to get better. 

About how can I be helpful to you

This blog & site are for spiritual growth. Not just for the one's who are into spirituality, but for you, me and everyone. As Spirituality is a part of our life. We all came from no where and are existing into a world that's just a spec in this mighty cosmos. Yet our world has such a huge impact on us.

This site is designed so as to help you take life easily, accept it in all its magnificence and bring wholesome Love, Joy and Happiness into your life. All by helping you to connect to the spiritual through meditation. Meditation is India's gift to the world. And if every human on this earth meditates, all problems will cease to exist.

I have been asked a million questions about meditation, and so I just feel I will help people like you better through this site. I can help you to meditate, I can help you to understand your meditative state, I can help you understand different types of experiences during meditation etc. And a 100's of other things that are necessary for you to know as a meditator.

You can meditate, I promise. And I can surely help you with that.

Meditation is the food for your soul. All your problems can come to a halt as soon as you begin meditating.

About Me, all you want to know about me & my work info

                              Hello, this is Priti Wonder. I am a Professional Tarot Reader, Certified Professional Angel Card Reader & Advanced Angel Card Reader, a Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute of India, and also Kundalini Shaktipat Teacher. Also am a member of American Tarot Association read  CODE OF ETHICS . Apart from this I am a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath(BIGTIME), Clairsentient, avid Meditator and Intuitive. I have been having these  qualities since more then 10-15 years in polished form, and since childhood in unpolished way, unknown and raw which used to frustrate me and make my nature weird and difficult to understand. Due to these qualities I usually choose which people I would interact with.

But I was not always into Meditation & Spirituality........ The term spirituality was scary for me to get into it!

Once upon a time....

I am a certified IT Engineer passed in 2004. I didn't choose to work in corporate environments, as politics is least I can handle for myself as well as for others . Getting totally bugged up by 'not knowing' what I should do if not IT Engg, was my biggest game changer. After two years of immense bubbling of my brain I finally landed up into a course that taught Meditation. Still no idea, what my life purpose was. With other domestic issues at hand only thing I could do at that time was TO MEDITATE. I became a crazy meditator with meditating for upto 5-6 times a day. I was having troubles initially about meditating, as I had enough hotch-potch spilling out of my mind 24X7. But by striving, accompanied with a loadful of problems, tons of issues with self-esteem, upto 20-30 fears/ phobias, and a crazy intent to improve this all with meditation I actually started getting results.

At first I thought "if I'm getting these great results, everybody else must be getting" as I could barely concentrate during my first meditation session. I still remember between two instructions the meditator gave, my mind could easily think 5-10 different sentences. Yeah that crazyily my mind used to race with thoughts. But meditation started happening. With my overly stressed effort(yeah Stressed effort I can say, to meditate), a wish to improve my life & change it for better, and with a lot of God's help - I started getting results with Meditation.

I have been so much thankful to just everyone involved in this total development. I am thankful to my family members who just supported be unconditionally. Let me meditate for hours, sometimes blocking parts of house corridors because my chair was on the way. I am also thankful to all the people who were against me doing meditation, they helped me grow my love for meditation stronger. I am also thankful to all the negativity that I brought into my life, because that drove me towards the positive path of Spirituality, I never knew I could be so good with my spiritual thingie.

You and every human around you is gifted with immense Spuer Powers, yes super powers. When I say it, I really mean it. I am just not saying it to attract customers to my website. We all are jam packed with super powers. Only if we knew it how to access them, we'd be better and greater beings. This site will help you tap into your super powers, and learn how to use them.

This might also make you think, how am I eligible to give some knowledge? I can impart only what I have learnt. And so I will be presenting you with stuff which I have tried and tested. And serve on this super power platter only with things that work.

You have not landed here by co-incidence. There is surely something that you need to learn from here. Just go along my Wisdom blog and you will find it. All the best to you, for your spiritual & meditation journey. I know this, because I too didn't land into a Meditation course just by co-incidence, I just felt drawn towards it. And I just followed my heart. Though the course itself, time and investment was huge for me. But I trusted that 'pull', and kept walking, and what I found a few months after is a total miracle!

The community to which I belonged to is very conservative, and I was restricted to meditate by my elders. They said if you get into spirituality nobody would marry you. LOL. But all these kind of restrictions just pushed me all the more into meditation. And slowly the restrictions vanished. But Meditation itch in me stayed! :)

If you would like to get in touch with me, please mail me at priti@nirvana-now.in I get bunch of mails daily. And so replying to each gets difficult. So please try to go through the entire site and then mail your questions, if you can find their answer on the site. You will get reply within 5-6 biz days!