Soul Purification

Soul Purification is essential for all humans as taking births after births on this planet diminishes the divine spark in you. Because of which you might experience evil and negative thoughts and actions. This is not what you came here for. 
You came here to fulfil your purpose, live your life fully by learning lessons and evolve your soul. But seldom do souls remember this. And they get caught into Karmic Cycle, and then the negative turn of events begins when a soul itself starts acting in a negative way. 
This isn't going to take you anywhere. It is just going to increase number of births and deaths that you go through. 

You have the divine energy in you, which never diminishes. But birth after birth layers and layers and layers of dull energy starts clouding around the soul. Which makes the goodness within the soul impenetrable into the actions of that soul. 

Purifying the soul is doable. It needs some effort on your part so that you can clean it thoroughly. Soul Purification is a program that helps you clean your soul. And you get all the course materials for lifetime access, which means that you will be able to re-clean your self n number of times. 
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If you are facing a lot of problems in life, then you need to do this. As if your soul is clean and pure then you can never face problems that bother you again and again. 

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